PBS Directional Stability Under Braking Standard open for consultation

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has opened consultation on the implementation of amendments to the PBS Directional Stability Under Braking (DSUB) Standard.

NHVR Chief Engineer, Les Bruzsa, said the amendments would increase the requirement for newly built or newly approved PBS vehicle units to be fitted with the latest safety technologies and remove the option for Load Proportioning Brake Systems from the deemed to comply provision.

“With new technologies now readily available, the changes will ensure that the original intent and principles of the scheme are met and that PBS vehicles continue to be the safer heavy vehicle alternative,” said Bruzsa.

“In order to provide sufficient time to allow for business changes as a result of the DSUB Standard amendments, the NHVR is proposing to use a staged approach to the implementation.”

The purpose of the DSUB Standard is to manage the safety risk of vehicle instability when braking in a turn or on pavement cross slopes.

The reforms were recommended as part of a review conducted by Dr John de Pont from TERNZ Transport Research into three PBS Standards, including the DSUB performance requirements.