PepsiCo renews transport contract with Primary Connect

Food and beverage company, PepsiCo, has renewed its contract with Primary Connect, the logistics and transport specialist announced this week.

The two year deal is part of an important ambient partnership involving popular snack brands such as Doritos, Red Rock Deli, Smith’s, Twisties, Burger Rings and others.

Under the arrangement Primary Connect is responsible for picking up chips from PepsiCo factories in Brisbane and Adelaide and moving them into its vast national DC network on the mainland.

The contract does not cover Tasmania.

Purpose-built high cube trailers that accommodate up to 58 pallets are deployed by Primary Connect through its carrier partners making the strategic partnership particularly unique.

The high cube trailers have been especially designed to carry bulky and fragile goods like packets of chips which are full of air. Once the chips are unloaded, Primary Connect uses the high cube trailers to transport picked pallets of stock back through its DC network.

Planning is intricate and geared around performing the task as efficiently as possible.

George Sebastian, Planning & Logistics Director of PepsiCo Australia and New Zealand, said the service provided by Primary Connect was critical to the success of its business.

“Our strategic partnership means we can rely on Primary Connect to provide the right trailers to pick up and deliver our high volume stock on time,” said Sebastian.

Primary Connect has been a proud partner with PepsiCo for over 10 years and began with one transport corridor.

Today, Primary Connect moves around 1,000 pallets of chips daily across multiple corridors nationally.