Pivotal partnerships

Transport and logistics company, Toll, has expanded its fleet with LPG tankers from Holmwood Highgate which features the latest PreciCONTROL metering systems from Alfons Haar.

The Dangerous Goods freight task typically calls for the use of of specialised road transport equipment. Prominent leading national carriers such as Toll adhere to rigorous standards to ensure the health and safety of staff and the general public.

To maintain this safety mindset, while leveraging industry-leading gains in efficiency, the business has invested in quality Holmwood Highgate LPG road tanker combinations fitted with the latest Alfons Haar metering systems.

In related news, Mark Stables – Managing Director of the Holmwood Group of Companies Victoria – says Holmwood is now an exclusive Australian distributor for Sica Muller pressure vessels and tankers.

“This distribution relationship marks the return of Holmwood to the LPG tanker market – Holmwood have not manufactured LPG tankers for some 30-years, but since there are no longer any local manufacturers, we saw a need to provide the Australian market with a quality product,” he says. “Introducing the latest vessel manufacturing technologies and materials allows for lighter tare weights and higher payloads. Through careful design of the shell we have significantly reduced the tare weight of this tanker.”

Both Sica Muller and Holmwood Highgate prefer to almost exclusively install Alfons Haar PreciCONTROL metering systems according to Mark.

“The end user has been a long-term customer of Haar Australia’s pumping and metering systems so this project was the perfect opportunity to bring all four companies together and showcase a modern LPG bulk tanker with a high speed metering system,” he says – adding Holmwood were pivotal in partnering with Haar Australia to bring the very first PreciCONTROL metering systems to the Australian fuel market with almost 10 years of experience. “We are once again leading the field in introducing the LPG market to the PreciGAS metering system.”

Alfons Haar is a major global supplier of liquid metering systems including LPG. In particular, Haar Australia have been supplying the PreciCONTROL family of metering systems to the Australian tanker industry for more than a decade.

“The family of PreciCONTROL metering systems share common hardware and a common user interface and are all deployed using the well-known PreciBUS intrinsically safe control system,” says Haar Australia founder and Managing Director, Ivan Lawrie. “PreciGAS is a dedicated high accuracy vehicle-based LPG metering system with no moving parts. LPG is an abrasive liquid so by using a venturi meter with no moving parts, we provide a highly accurate measurement device which does not lose accuracy over time, as other systems can do. By using PreciCONTROL technology and automation we eliminate the DP valve, which enables better flow rates, less load on the pump and simplified pipework. Through our system automation we regulate the pump run time for reduced energy consumption and hardware wear and can also control the vehicle and Power-Take-off (PTO) start/stop for total automation of the delivery.”

Ivan says this tanker also uses Haar Australia’s pneumatic rewind LPG hosereels which are totally silent and do not require the prime mover to be running during the delivery pack-up phase, keeping the neighbours happier.

Haar Australia and Holmwood Highgate have worked closely together to bring this system to market and are excited to pursue further opportunities together in this space.