Powerdown on shock absorbers and tyre wear

Supershock with Enveero is Powerdown Australia’s latest innovation featuring excellent shear stability, longer lifespan and more.

Everyone in the transport industry knows that tyres are vital to the safe and efficient operation of any freight or transport vehicle.

The most commonly accepted reason for excessive tyre wear and premature failure is under or over inflation. This can result in fast and uneven treadwear, compromised vehicle handling and excessive heat build. However, incorrect inflation is not the only contributing factor to tyre wear. Tyres are connected to the vehicle chassis via the axle and suspension module and the movement of the vehicle’s suspension is controlled by the shock absorber.

Contrary to their name shock absorbers do not ‘absorb shock’ they control the movement of a vehicles springs and suspension and thus improve wheel ground contact. This is why it is so important to change shock absorbers regularly to help reduce tyre wear. Worn out shock absorbers or units which are not designed for Australian roads will allow the tyre to bounce on the road surface in an uncontrolled manner. This will result in flat patches or ‘scalloping’ on the tread surface of the tyre. This type of wear is inconsistent due to the tyre scuffing the road surface, where as a consistent wear pattern could be the result of an alignment problem or a worn suspension bush.

Evaluation of shock absorber condition can be hard without specialised testing equipment, but a basic inspection of shocks for oil leaks, warped or damaged bushes and uneven tyre wear can provide some vital clues and insight about the condition of shock absorbers. This is why ride control engineers recommend the replacement of worn shock absorbers and struts at predetermined kilometres or time period as part of regular servicing of your vehicle. From on vehicle data collection, shock absorbers will on average conduct 1,100 cycles every kilometre. Over the longer term this equates to in excess of 20,000,000 cycles every 20,000 kilometres. With every cycle, internal components wear and fatigue while the oil properties also begin to break down. Utilising dynometer testing, the impact of these wear factors is evident in the considerable reduction, sometimes in excess of 50 per cent, in damping forces generated under the same testing conditions.

Powerdown’s latest innovation Supershock with Enveero inside has excellent shear stability; having a higher resistance of changing viscosity when under mechanical stress, due to the longer synthesised hydrocarbon molecules that forms a strong chain. This leads to less mechanical wear on the damper valving components, giving them a longer lifespan.

Powerdown Supershock with Enveero inside brings together years of experience in the design and development of shock absorbers specifically for Australia’s harsh operating conditions. The multiple features that set it apart in the market, include:

  • A large bore size, of 45mm diameter.
  • Enveero inside, which is a synthesised, ultra high performance, environmentally friendly shock absorber fluid designed and developed in Australia by Powerdown.
  • Low pressure gas to keep the unit operating at lower temperatures.
  • Advanced low friction seals, to keep the dust out, providing longer shock absorber life.
  • Increased body size for extra fluid capacity to aid in cooling.
  • An exclusive on vehicle ride height indicator (only available on some applications).
  • High tensile strength.
  • Hydraulic stop / recoil cut off, to help increase longevity and reduce fatigue on the shock absorber.
  • DU bush in rod guide, which helps to reduce friction and wear when side loading occurs.

Powerdown’s Supershock with Enveero inside will go beyond helping drivers and fleets drive safer for longer. Replacing the shock absorbers on vehicles will not only have a noticeable effect on driver control and comfort, but they will also help improve braking and handling, making the vehicle safer and easier to drive.

Supershock with Enveero inside will be available for purchase from December 2021, to find your nearest distributor visit www.powerdown.com.au or call our team on 02 4949 0000.