Primary Connect adds carrier services for mango season

Additional carrier services have been announced by Primary Connect to support mango growers in the Northern Territory and Queensland.

The transport and logistics specialist confirmed earlier in the week that speed to market was imperative for its growers given mango harvesting was delayed this year.

Growers had been impacted by various challenges this year including natural weather conditions and a shortage of seasonal pickers from overseas due to Covid travel restrictions.

“Primary Connect has been collecting and moving mangoes by road and rail as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible to ripening centres around the nation,” the company said in an online statement.

Once ripened, the mangoes are then sold to markets and retail stores like Woolworths of which Primary Connect is a subsidiary.

The majority of Australia’s mangoes are grown in the Northern Territory, specifically Darwin and the Katherine region, where Primary Connect supports 16 mango growers such as NT Land and Arnhem Mangoes.

This year’s mango season is anticipated to end earlier than normal in the Northern Territory.

As a result Primary Connect will shift its focus to Queensland where it will begin transporting mangoes for two growers in Bowen in the north to ensure customers will have the product in time for Christmas.