Product support that’s second to none

Bulk Transport Equipment has relied on JOST for Hidromas hoists, Rockinger couplings, wheel rims, landing legs and turntables for more than 15 years. Supreme quality of the products, according to the trailer and specialised equipment manufacturer, is equally matched by outstanding service and support.

Bulk Transport Equipment (BTE) produces a wide variety of top-shelf bodies and trailers including truck and dog through to road train combinations. The company, which has manufacturing facilities in Melbourne and Toowoomba, needed a supply partner that could furnish it with similarly high-end products that would go the distance in the typically harsh environments in which trailers operate.

According to Scott Arnold, Operations Manager at BTE Toowoomba, BTE has received sterling service from JOST over the years, which in turn has enabled the company to provide its customers with the best possible solutions for their trailer needs.

“Service and quality are the two most important things in our industry and for our business JOST consistently ticks both those boxes,” Scott says. “We have very good relationships with the people at JOST, which is another vital factor in the service we receive from the company.”

Scott explains that both Melbourne and Toowoomba branches of BTE are very well served by respective JOST Area Sales Managers Corey Povey and Jason Green.

“In Queensland we deal with Jason Green and our branch in Victoria deals with Corey Povey – both of whom are very knowledgeable with the JOST products and how they fit in with our business,” Scott says.

Expanding further on the reliability of the JOST components, Scott mentions that the Hidromas hoists and JOST aluminium rims are products that need to be particularly durable in tipper applications.

“These are two components in our industry that really take a pounding,” Scott says – adding that the reliability of the supply of components from JOST is outstanding. “We have seen a considerable spike in demand for new trailers due to the government incentives since Covid hit, along with several very good seasons for the grain growers. In spite of the increased demand, JOST has managed to maintain the supply to match our needs which has meant we haven’t needed to look anywhere else for our components.

JOST products, according to Scott, are competitively priced compared with other brands, with customers receiving a great product at a reasonable price.

JOST’s well mount cylinders have strokes ranging from 2,470mm to 8,675mm with capacities from 18 to 60 tonnes. They come standard with all stage chroming, extended tube overlap and spherical clevis bushes. They operate efficiently at Australian industry standard 135bar (2,000psi) and are covered by a two-year nationwide warranty.

Also a popular choice on BTE trailers are JOST premium forged alloy wheels which are manufactured to exacting standards to suit Australian conditions. According to JOST, its strong and durable forged alloy wheels are around half the weight of an equivalent 22.5 x 8.25 steel disc wheel which amounts to a useful increase in payload capacity of a trailer or combination of trailers. The lower unsprung weight also provides a smoother ride with reduced tyre wear and improved fuel economy. JOST alloy wheels come with a five-year unlimited kilometre warranty and are available with either a machined or polished surface finish.

The multiple award-winning range of European manufactured Rockinger tow couplings supplied by JOST provide a reliable and durable connection for trailers and dollies. A well-proven item is the RO500 50mm fully automatic trailer coupling which is suitable for heavy-duty on- and off-highway applications including road trains. It has a weight of 80kg and a D-Value rating of 314kN.

RAZOR power tarp and powered landing leg systems are other popular components in the extensive JOST portfolio. These units are designed to reduce the likelihood of workplace injuries that can be caused by manually operated tarps and legs.

JOST’s double-row ballrace KLK DR series is used by BTE with its semi-tippers and dog trailers. It is available in drilled or undrilled for chassis widths of 1,000, 1,100 or 1,200mm.

The design principle ensures maximum reliability and strength because the active axial and radial forces are distributed between the two ball races which are permanently protected against dirt and dust by a multi-lip seal.

“There are three key elements to JOST’s range of products – reliability, service and quality,” says BTE Director, Alan Griffiths. “This means that BTE can focus on manufacturing high quality trailers, safe in the knowledge that the JOST components fitted to them are more than up to the task.”

Fast Fact
Bulk Transport Equipment trusts JOST to consistently supply a range of reliable and durable components that ensure its trailers are able to provide peak performance for its customers.