Pumped and ready for action

Eagle Fuels took delivery of its latest tanker combination in early February. Manufactured by Marshall Lethlean, the unit is the sixth to be fitted with Alfons Haar’s PreciPURE fuel metering system, a feature of every new tanker that has entered the fleet in the past four or so years.

“The new truck and dog is a bit of an experiment – it’s something we’ve never done before,” says Bruce Morrison, Business Development Manager at Eagle Fuels. “As it’s PBS rated, the combination has a capacity of about 45,000 litres. It’s 19 metres in length, so is similar to a 19 metre B-double, but a lot more flexible because we can leave the dog trailer in the yard and just use the truck, which gives us 12,000 litres of added capacity over our semis. For smaller deliveries directly into machinery, we disconnect the dog and then hook it up again for bulk deliveries – it can almost replace a semi trailer and a B-double.”

Operating throughout Victoria and South Australia, Eagle Fuels provides fuel and lubricant solutions to a broad customer base across a range of industries that include everything from transport, earthmoving and construction, to manufacturing, rail, defence and emergency services.

It runs a fleet of 13 trucks in Melbourne and two in Adelaide, featuring tankers that range from rigids through to B-doubles.

Eagle Fuels began working with Alfons Haar in 2013 when the need came about for a bulk transfer pump to offload the entire contents of one of its larger tankers for a client contract. This was followed with the purchase of various other Alfons Haar bulk transfer pumps and hose reels in the ensuing years – before the opportunity came to purchase the company’s first PreciPURE fuel metering system in July 2016.

“Eagle Fuels was introduced to the PreciPURE system by a tanker manufacturer we were working with at the time. It seemed to make sense for our requirements. Because we don’t need separate systems for petrol and diesel, it meant weight savings, and we wanted to standardise the fleet with a user-friendly system that was simple to operate – so if a driver jumps from one truck to another, they know how it works,” adds Bruce.

The PreciPURE system can deliver both petrol and diesel at up to 1,000 litres a minute, via a single meter, with fully automated contamination-free product changeover. Product can be delivered using gravity metering for underground tanks, pumped metering into above ground tanks, or via the hose reel. A pre-set function – which works for all delivery modes – allows the operator to choose the exact delivery volume required. The PreciPURE system then dispenses the exact amount before automatically shutting off.

The most recent iteration of the PreciPURE system, which features in Eagle Fuels’ new truck and dog, includes the added benefit of fuel metering capability from the dog trailer. This means smaller deliveries can be performed from the dog trailer, without needing to deliver the entire compartment.

“The fact that we’re able to pump fuel out of the dog as well is a big advantage – we’ve never been able to do that before, it was previously only used for the truck,” adds Bruce. “Because it’s a manifold system, it’s a lot safer for our drivers too. There are no drop hoses, so there’s no need to change hoses on the truck, it’s all done electronically.”

Along with the functions and safety benefits of the PreciPURE system, the high levels of service and support offered by Haar Australia has kept Eagle Fuels coming back time and time again. It’s a relationship that’s been built on trust and a solid understanding of each other’s needs.

As Haar Australia’s founder and Managing Director Ivan Lawrie explains, “Haar Australia understands the critical nature of the fuel deliveries Eagle Fuels does, from construction machinery to car yards, building backup generators, railways and other critical infrastructure. We provide backup support to their vehicle system builders, maintenance providers and occasionally directly to Eagle Fuels drivers if it’s out of hours and they are new to the vehicle or for relief drivers who might need a little guidance to use the system for the first time.”

And Bruce agrees, “Ivan and the team have been great to deal with. We’ve dealt with Ivan since day one. When we need him, we can always get onto to him, any time, any day. He even answers when he’s interstate or overseas. It’s great to have Ivan and the boys at Haar Australia on call whenever we need them.”

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