Remote possibilities

West-Trans is a family-owned company headquartered at Mulgrave near Windsor that specialises in the design and manufacture of skip loader and hooklift bodies in addition to the importation, distribution and installation of HMF truck-mounted cranes.

The company commenced operations with a staff of 10 in 1988, building custom tipper bodies, truck trays and skip loaders.

In 1994 Jim Whittle and his father bought the business and began its transformation into one of Australia’s leading skip loader and hook lift manufacturing operations. 

Then in 2009, West-Trans became the home of HMF truck-mounted cranes in Australia.

Today, the company employs more than 70 people in five locations around the country, providing technical and service support in every state and territory.

Jim Brough joined West-Trans as the NSW Sales Manager for HMF truck-mounted cranes in 2009 and over the ensuing years has built a large and loyal customer base for the products.

He says the dramatic rise in customers opting for the Scanreco radio remote control on their new HMF cranes is testament to the reliability, durability and functionality of this sophisticated electronic system.

In fact, according to Jim, in the past 12 months in excess of 98 per cent of HMF cranes he’s sold have been fitted with radio remote controls.

“During my time at West-Trans I have witnessed a steep upward trend of HMF end users requesting radio remote controls,” he says. “At the start of my employment 11 years ago some 30 per cent of cranes sold were radio remote controlled, now nearly every crane features this advanced technology which has become cheaper and more reliable over time.”

Speaking about the advantages of operating cranes via remote control, Jim says it makes for safer and faster operation as the operator can be away from the load when lifting and nearby when required for rigging or positioning the load in a precise location.

He further explains that there are a number of standout features of the Scanreco radio remote control system, including the flexibility to control external equipment. “We often program the Scanreco to control engine start, stop and speed functions whilst the crane is in use. We can also program these units to operate additional hydraulic and electrical linear actuators.”

In terms of after-sales support and training on how to use the radio remote controlled HMF cranes, Jim says West-Trans provides a comprehensive handover program with every crane sold. “Each crane is delivered to the customer with an all-inclusive handover with detailed instructions on how to get the most out of the HMF crane and Scanreco radio remote controls.”

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