Resources and energy group launches national mental health training program

Australian Resources and Energy Group AMMA has launched an online training program for psychological health and safety across resources and energy workplaces.

The interactive, group-based training will benefit resources and energy employers by providing industry-specific awareness and practical tools to support workplace mental health.

AMMA Director Operations, Tara Diamond, said the training was the Group’s latest and most comprehensive initiative to assist employers in their commitment to their employees’ psychological wellbeing.

“We are proud to deliver to industry a program giving employers the tools they need to ensure a mentally healthy and safe workplace for all employees,” said Diamond.

“The program includes key insights, applications, practical activities, as well as providing participants the opportunity to role-play what can typically be difficult mental health-based conversations with employees.

“By putting key mental health concepts into action through practical activities and case studies, participants will learn how they relate and apply to resources and energy industry workplaces and situations.”

Diamond said the launch of this unique training program is especially topical at this time as employers continue to navigate the mental health impacts and challenges posed by Covid-19.

“This is an immensely valuable program under any circumstances, but even more urgent and applicable for workplaces confronting the effects of the Covid-19 crisis,” she said.

“The workplace disruption from the health pandemic has been challenging but has certainly galvanised the shared commitment of resources and energy employers to mental health and psychological safety across their workplaces.

“This period is a crucial time for the whole industry to band together and be proactive with mental health, continue to break down stigmas of having regular conversations and sharpen our tools to identify and assist anyone who may be struggling.”

AMMA’s Resources & Energy Mental Health Online Training draws on the expertise of the Resources and Energy Industry Mental Health Advisory Board, which has overseen the development of the program.

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