Rivet to roll out PBS A-double

Specialised transport and logistics operator, Rivet, is about to put a Performance-Based Standards (PBS) A-double combination into service.

The new build is a first for the workshop team at Rivet Dandenong.

This unit is expected to deliver LPG from Elgas PT Botany to Elgas Blacktown.

Rivet National Workshop Manager, David McCormick, said this A-double will see a huge improvement in productivity for the Rivet New South Wales team and Elgas.

The A-double is fitted with BPW suspension, tyre pressure and temperature monitoring, WABCO Electronic Braking System (EBS) units on the trailers and dolly.

The dolly, built by Vawdrey Australia, was specifically designed for the PBS application.

The A-double combination also has TX-TRAILERPULSE functionality, a robust trailer telematics solution that supplies real-time location and EBS data to a software platform, TX-TRAILERFIT, which can be accessed in an office.

Built on data collected from Trailer Electronic Braking System (T-EBS), the web-based TX-TRAILERFIT portal provides insights into the technical performance and health state of a fleet’s trailer park.

TX-TRAILERPULSE is designed to capture data on trailers and combines real-time track and trace functionality with additional remote trailer health and diagnostic information.

“This project has been two years in the making and a lot of hurdles to jump to get to this point,” said McCormick.

The tankers are reported to be more than 15 years old and were fully refurbished in-house at Rivet Dandenong.

Rivet Energy is a national provider of LPG and liquid fuel logistics for global oil and gas companies in key metropolitan centres and interstate routes throughout Australia.