Ross Transport on standing the test of time with Freighter

For more than 40 years, New South Wales-based trucking company and family business, Ross Transport, has relied on Australian-made Freighter trailers.

Ross Transport operates an interstate fleet, carting steel on flat tops running between Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, in addition to other freight including timber, building materials, grain and fertiliser.

Alan Ross said he appreciates that Freighter trailers are made in Australia.

“I have seen imported trailers and they just don’t compare with Freighter trailers,” he said.

“We have tried other brands of trailers as well but some issues with those made us come back to Freighter. Honestly, I’ve had very limited trailers built anywhere else, all our new trailers are from Freighter.

“I sold a 1995 model trailer the other day and it was still like a brand new trailer except for maybe a bit of paint work.”

Ross said Freighter trailers today continue to have the original characteristics of the trailers that were produced in 1977.

“I feel they still are the best-looking trailers on the road,” he said.

“They stand out from the rest and have their own identity as a Freighter trailer.

“Freighter was the first one to come with aluminium floors which made the floors tougher for carting steel.

“While Freighter trailers do run on a production line, I feel their production line is very diverse to tailor to custom built trailers.

“We have had many custom specifications over the years – from lighting, to toolbox design and placement, timber racks, aluminium floors and unique paint work. The paint job they do is excellent; their sandblasting and painting techniques are best in the market. I feel there’s only so much you can do on a trailer but Freighter has everything covered and still has a practical cost to it.”

Ross Transport has purchased Freighter units since the manufacturer had sub-dealers in Sydney.

“Now they sell under their brand banner MaxiTRANS and the customer service and sales experience is just as excellent,” said Ross.

“Over a year ago we did have a problem with a Freighter trailer that upset me greatly at the time. It did become a little bit of an issue at that point but Freighter managed to resolve the issue for me and its water under the bridge now.

“We were back buying new trailers from them soon and I wouldn’t continue buying from them if they weren’t good people and making a good product.

“We have another new trailer coming in a few months. It is going to be the cleanest truck in Australia.

“The gentleman who drives it now, Ronny Duncan, has been with me for over 15 years. The truck he drives now with a set of Freighter trailers is the cleanest truck – you cannot find a speck of dirt on his truck but the new one is going to be even better. I’m very excited about it and I’m going to call it ‘Rainbow with a twist’.”

Last year, Trailer Magazine met with Ross Transport Manager, True Ross, to learn more about her journey in the commercial road transport industry.