Safe and secure

BPW Transpec has introduced an innovative door locking system for trailers and bodies called SafeT. It is trialing the system in Australia with Skyroad Logistics, a company keen to increase security for its high value cargo.

Security of freight carried in van bodies and semi-trailers is of utmost importance, particularly with high value items.
German trailer axle and component specialist BPW has developed what it describes as a clever and reliable retrofit solution for added security. SafeT is easily mounted to the rear door of the vehicle and prevents unauthorised opening, thus effectively protecting both vehicle and cargo.

As soon as the door is closed, the system locks automatically and can only be opened when the operator enters a code on a mechanical keypad. Since it does not require a power supply, SafeT is said to be extremely reliable and robust.
According to BPW, SafeT is particularly beneficial for vehicles delivering pharmaceuticals, high value items or perishable food.

The product is said to be compatible with a wide range of rear portals including roller and barn doors. Importantly, it meets the requirements of the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) standard TSR 2020.

Due to not requiring a power supply, SafeT is completely stand-alone and is said to be easily and inexpensively retrofitted to vehicles without the need for special tools.

In the event of an emergency, and to ensure personnel can’t be locked inside a vehicle, the system allows the door to be opened from the inside.

Skyroad Logistics is a company that regularly carries what are known as high-value theft-sensitive cargoes as an alternative to airfreight for its customers.

The company was founded by Managing Director Peter Assel in 2015 as a special startup project and has steadily grown over the last five years.

According to Peter, BPW Transpec reached out to him to see if he would be interested in trialling the SafeT due to the amount of high-value cargo the company carries.

“We had been researching ideas on how we could increase our security; we’d been using seals but we wanted to take it to the next level in terms of preventing unauthorised access to our trailers,” Peter says.

“I looked for systems in Europe last year and went to a big show over there called Transport Logistica. I also spoke with some operators about the systems they use and ended up going to the BPW stand and liked what I saw in the SafeT system – largely because it was simple and didn’t need technicians to deal with any issues.

“Some of the other transport operators told me they were using sophisticated systems that were really good, but that they were having issues with malfunctions which meant trailers were off the road for a day or two while they waited for technicians to come out and unlock the back door.”

Skyroad Logistics transports valuable freight that needs to be kept secure at all times.

Peter says he liked the look of BPW’s SafeT lock because it was relatively simple and didn’t need a power source; yet provided the high level of security that was necessary, along with being easy for the drivers to use.

“Early this year BPW Transpec asked us if we would like to fit the SafeT system to a couple of our new trailers to test its operation under local conditions,” Peter says.

“It made sense to us to work with BPW Transpec because our existing equipment has been well supported by the company across a number of components from axles, Vigia Central Tyre Inflation systems, through to our use of Ringfeder couplings.

“Product support really matters in our operation,” he says, adding, “So far we haven’t had any problems with SafeT and the drivers quickly became familiar with it and appreciate its simple operation.

“Most importantly,” Peter adds, “our customers are liking it and we are also looking at some other security systems to go along with it to complete the package.”

He confirms that installation of SafeT to the trailers, which have barn doors, is a relatively straightforward procedure, requiring a simple modification to the back frame to accommodate the pin, along with reinforcement of the rear door where the unit is attached.

“The only real adjustment we’ve had to do was to make the hole a bit bigger where the bolt goes through the rear frame so that it doesn’t bind due to racking of the trailers on uneven road surfaces,” Peter says. “Apart from that they’ve been hassle free.”

He shares that the company is planning to change the build of its hard-sided trailers and include the SafeT locking system as a standard feature.

“We intend to use the SafeT as part of our security journey to achieve higher levels of TAPA TSR 2020 security certification which will also involve us transitioning to a new style of high-security trailer we’ve designed to suit our specific requirements,” Peter says.

He adds that the recent change in overall width regulations in Australia (from 2.5m to 2.55m) means that hard-sided trailers can now be further optimised for security as it gives more room to fit hardware taken for granted in other regions such as Europe where the overall width limit is 2.6m.

Skyroad’s fleet primarily uses 16.6m tri-axle trailers that operate under Performance Based Standards (PBS) and have the ability to carry five main deck aircraft unit load devices running between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Skyroad is expecting a smooth transition to the new standard of equipment, helped by the simplicity and reliability of BPW’s SafeT rear door locking system.

Fast Fact
BPW’s SafeT locking system for rear doors of cargo vehicles offers a simple and reliable stand-alone solution for optimum freight security.

Installation is simple. The SafeT unit is bolted to the back door and a hole is drilled in the rear frame to accommodate the pin.