Safer and Faster Alternative

Based in Victoria, Belly Dumpers Australia operates a fleet of ten cross gate belly dumper trailers which are used to carry out work for the civil construction industry throughout Australia.

Manufactured in New Zealand, the belly dumpers used are capable of carrying payloads of up to 30 tonne, while the company’s B-double belly dumper can carry up to 45 tonne.

One of the greatest advantages of these bottom discharge trailers is the fast turnaround times provided. These trailers are capable of releasing a full load in as little as 28 seconds once the gates of the trailer are opened via remote control. As the load is discharged exactly where it needs to be, grader time is significantly reduced. The load is laid with extreme accuracy and minimal segregations, making these belly dumpers ideal for shoulder restorations.

“We started using belly dumpers because we believe it’s a safer, more efficient way of delivering crushed rock to road construction jobs – and it is,” says manager of Belly Dumpers Australia, John Rhodes. “We began doing work for a new contract a few months ago and the company has found the belly dumpers extremely popular with their customers.”

The belly dumpers can spread between 50mm to 600mm thick and from 1.2 metres to 2.4 metres wide. They are fully operational from within the cabin, thus enabling the driver to enter a site and discharge the load without the need to stop the truck.

As the belly dumpers do not use any hydraulics whatsoever, they not only increase safety by eliminating the chance of obstructing any overhead hazards such as trees or powerlines, but are also more environmentally friendly as there is no chance of hydraulic leaks.

Each of the belly dumpers in the fleet are fitted with SAF Intradisc suspension, as Belly Dumpers Australia believes this is far superior to other products in the market.

Like the belly dumpers used by Belly Dumpers Australia, the Intradisc axle and suspension system offers high levels of safety and efficiency. Made from high grade steel and tailored to suit Australian operating conditions, the Intradisc is a fully integrated unit. The round axle beam is welded to the functional suspension arms on a high-speed friction welding line to create an inseparable, maintenance free unit. Using a patented SAF Safe-Guard design, the functional suspension arm prevents damage to the brake cylinder and the shock absorber.

Greater driving stability is provided by the SAF 3D bush and the shock absorbers that are mounted in the middle of the hanger bracket. This hanger bracket has a slimmer design than some earlier suspension models leading to greater weight savings, and easier installation without the need for a top plate. The 3D bush is also narrower and lighter, however still provides exceptional durability.

And John agrees. “The Intradisc suspension has been in use for close to three years now. We are very happy with the product and find that it’s far more stable than anything we’ve ever tried.” He adds, “We wouldn’t hesitate to spec the same suspension on any future trailer purchases.”

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