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Versacold stores and transports all manner of refrigerated and frozen goods including meat and poultry to Safeway and Woolworths supermarkets across Australia.

The Melbourne division of the business operates a modern fleet of 25 Euro 5 compliant Scania P400 6×4 prime movers and 25 tri-axle 24 pallet refrigerated ‘Arctic Star’ freezer vans by Southern Cross Vans.

Both Scania Australia and Southern Cross Vans worked closely with Versacold to produce this truck and trailer combination that is fitted with the latest in technology and safety components, all suited to the task at hand.

“Versacold has been using Scania prime movers for a number of years,” says Versacold Transport Manager – Victoria, Peter O’Shannessy. “Scania has been supplying our fleet with prime movers, as well as sourcing and recommending different types of trailers specifically for our use. This has allowed us to work together with the company to develop suitable specs and pricing in order to obtain the best equipment for our needs.”

Through its ‘Total Transport Solution’, Scania finances and looks after the logistics side of the business for Verascold as far as maintenance and supply of equipment, including the prime movers, trailers, refrigeration units, suspension and tyres.

“The Total Transport Solution allows customers to tell us the base spec they are after for their application,” says Michael Waddington of Scania Australia. “We can then invite people to supply quotes and present the options to our customer, in this case Versacold, so that they can determine the exact equipment that they wish to lease from us.

“With the trailers, Southern Cross Vans has established itself as a very good supplier and has built a product that really suit distribution transport and lends itself to Versacold’s needs. The relationship between Versacold and Southern Cross Vans has developed over the past six or so years – and while other trailer manufacturers have been trying to get into the business, Versacold has chosen to continue specifying equipment from Southern Cross Vans.”

The equipment is all financed through Scania’s finance division, ScanLease, which offers a guaranteed buy back at the end of a five year term, allowing Versacold to replace its equipment with brand new equipment at the end of the period.

“Because we are turning the equipment over in a reasonable time frame, we are always using all of the latest equipment,” says Peter O’Shannessy. “This sort of flexibility means that we can continually match our contract with our customers as best as possible, implementing new technology changes into the fleet as they come about and responding to our customer’s requirements in regard to health and safety, or in terms of specifications.”

Peter continues, “We’ve found the equipment from Scania and Southern Cross Vans to be of the highest standard – and we’ve been more than happy with both the quality of the products and the specifications recommended to us. The overall use and reliability has also been excellent.

“Versacold has also been impressed with the trailers built by Southern Cross – they are really up there with the best. We’ve been able to build a strong working relationship with the company. As Southern Cross Vans is a local manufacturer, based in Dandenong, we can really work together to come up with the best solutions, and understand pricing and specifications,” says Peter.

“Being able to build a relationship direct with the owners of Southern Cross Vans, has also been beneficial to our business. Alf De Fazio and his team really do work very hard to allow us the best product possible and they are also very flexible in regards to any small changes we require. While Scania organises everything for us, we can still go directly to the suppliers and manufacturers with any queries and can inspect the trailers during the manufacturing process and come up with new ideas – that’s been a tremendous benefit.”

The latest order by Versacold was made up of 14 prime mover and refrigerated trailer combinations, with the last of these received during October. Even though the trailers in this order are classed as distribution vans, they have been specced to freezer capabilities of up to -28ºC to provide better thermal efficiency when the doors are frequently opened and closed, thus assisting in maintaining the set temperature.

Cooling for these trailers is provided via high performance Carrier X2 2500A refrigeration units. Peter says that Versacold has had nothing but good results from this unit and it is now being used across the fleet.

According to Carrier’s National Marketing Manager, Kelly Geddes, the X2 2500A offers exceptional performance and is well suited to Versacold. “Carrier works closely with Southern Cross Vans to provide Versacold with the best unit for their needs,” says Kelly. “The capacity, performance and reliability of the X2 2500A has exceeded the expectations of Versacold in their application.”

The new trailers also feature a full aluminium distribution fork lift rated floor, 64mm Toddco rear roller door, LED multi volt lighting and side underrun protection for increased safety and visibility, as well as SAF Intradisc air suspension which is tailored to suit Australian operating conditions.

SAF Intradisc suspension has a lightweight construction but still maintains the highest technical standard. “Versacold has chosen to be very technology wise with these trailers by choosing SAF Intradisc suspension with integrated disc brakes and EBS braking system with roll stability,” explains Alf. “These trailers have been built with all of the latest technology and safety equipment.”

Scania believes that SAF Intradisc really compliments its prime movers and also provides safer handling on the road.

“As the maintenance program involves everything from the truck and trailer, to the refrigeration unit, suspension and tyres, Scania has been able to develop a great working relationship with all of our suppliers,” says Michael.

“We have also been able to provide Versacold with the complete transport solution to meet their exact business requirements.”

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