Shock to the system

Enveero is Australia’s first ultra-high performance, environmentally friendly shock absorber fluid designed by Powerdown which has been specifically developed for Australian conditions.

Powerdown’s Supershock with Enveero inside is the perfect fit for environmentally conscious mechanics, owner drivers, fleets and companies, who refuse to compromise on performance and reliability.

Powerdown’s Supershock with Enveero inside brings together years of experience in the design and development of shock absorbers specifically for Australia’s harsh operating conditions, with the added advantage of the innovative technology, Enveero.

Supershock with Enveero inside has multiple features that set it apart in the market, with: a large bore size, of 45mm diameter; Enveero inside, which is a synthesised, ultra-high performance, environmentally friendly shock absorber fluid designed and developed in Australia by Powerdown; low pressure gas to keep the unit operating at lower temperatures; advanced low friction seals, to keep the dust out, providing longer shock absorber life; increased body size for extra fluid capacity to aid in cooling; an exclusive on vehicle ride height indicator (only available on some applications); high tensile strength; hydraulic stop / recoil cut off, to help increase longevity and reduce fatigue on the shock absorber; and DU bush in rod guide, which helps to reduce friction and wear when side loading occurs.

Powerdown’s Supershock with Enveero inside will go beyond helping operators and fleets drive safer for longer, with benefits for mechanics working with the product as well. Many of the chemicals and oils that mechanics are exposed to every day are hazardous and can be dangerous if overexposure occurs – most commonly through breathing fumes and or vapours, or via direct contact with their skin. This is most likely occurring when worn truck parts are being replaced.

The ingredients in Enveero are highly biodegradable; measured by its ability to decompose by naturally occurring bacteria or other living organisms in the environment; the quicker it decomposes, the lower the environmental impact, resulting in less pollution. Testing has shown that Enveero reaches biodegradation greater than 60 per cent in 28 days. This environmentally friendly shock absorber fluid will not only help to minimise the negative impacts on the environment, but on mechanics as well.

Fast Fact
Supershock with Enveero inside will be available from Powerdown in December 2021, to find out more information visit or call our sales office on 02 4949 0000.