Son of a gun

Northern Victorian family business, Elliott’s Excavations, has taken delivery of a custom spec’d Bulk Transport Equipment tipper combination to best serve its bulk haulage customers. A quality build, backed by a competitive service and warranty package, will go a long way to reinforce the transport company’s bottom line.

Brendan Elliott, Business Manager of Elliott’s Excavations, has a proud family history in the road transport industry.

“My grandfather started in transport in 1948 after he returned from WWII, carting Livestock and fuel,” Brendan says. “In the early 1970s my father started carting gravel and earthmoving around Gunbower, the Northern Victoria Region, and we carried on until present day operating out of the same site.”

The business, Brendan says, has grown steadily over the years along with the ups and downs that reflect the local economy.

“If dairying is good, business and farmers spend money, and if the government spends on infrastructure, we see increased work opportunities and growth locally,” he says. “However, water in Northern Victoria and southern Riverina – and the lack thereof – due to availability and price, is in some cases holding the community back.”

Elliott’s Excavations has supported the civil construction sector in the region for more than 45 years and specialises in earthmoving, bulk stockfeed, transport and materials supply. The company fleet comprises 12 truck combinations with trailers as well as 10 items of earthmoving plant.

“We service a broad range of clients, from quarry owners to farmers, local government, landscape suppliers and private customers,” Brendan says. He explains that the business mostly carries bulk quarry, washed stone, sand products, stockfeed, gypsum, lime, manures and landscape. The company’s heavy vehicles travel along both sides of the border (east and west) and into the Riverina, down to metropolitan Melbourne and central Victoria.

In the market for new trailing equipment, Brendan says he looked around prior to ordering his latest Bulk Transport Equipment (BTE) combination.

“We found that BTE brought a lot more to the table than the standard offerings as per our discussions with the team there,” Brendan says. “We specified this combination with the equipment required to meet our customers’ needs by incorporating a Right Weight onboard mass system, a rear trailer with poly slip flooring as well as an auto greasing system to reduce some of our longer-term costs. We built what we wanted this time, and added some flash to get it to stand out as our mobile business advertising.”

In addition to taking delivery of a reliable tipper combination built to stringent specifications, Brendan says the acquisition comes with excellent backup, service and warranty. “BTE stand by their trailer combinations which come with a five-year warranty on the trailer chassis and two years on the bodies. That alone speaks volumes for their confidence in the product they build.”

Brendan confirms the increased payload with the new five axles brings long term gains to the business such as fuel cost savings and better availability with new equipment.

“With our old equipment, availability and downtime was a large impediment to our bottom line,” Brendan says. “It is very frustrating to have plenty of work in front of you only to be held back with minor breakdowns that could be measured in days of lost work.”

Great relationships, according to Brendan are key to any successful business. “With solid product backing as well as partnering with companies that are easy to deal with – that you can call anytime to discuss concerns – gives you peace of mind for future dealings.”

Fast Fact
Elliott’s Excavations maintains a solid reputation as a premium supplier of services to local industry throughout central and northern Victoria. The family business engages in earthmoving, bulk haulage, materials supply and more.