Staying ahead of the pack

Since opening for business in 2014, Hawk Logistics has steadily grown its refrigerated transport operation. With temperature-controlled freight accounting for 98 per cent of its business, the company has developed a close relationship with Carrier Transicold in the supply of new fridge plants and the backup service and support to keep them operating optimally.

Carrying mainly poultry products between Melbourne, Adelaide, Griffith, Sydney and Brisbane is the primary concern of Hawk Logistics, a transport outfit headquartered at Truganina in Melbourne’s west.

The company also has facilities strategically located in Adelaide, Griffith and Sydney, offering local distribution services at each location.

“We haul a lot of frozen and chilled poultry products between Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane,” explains Len Mifsud, Fleet Manager at Hawk Logistics.

With such a long distance to travel between destinations, temperature control is of paramount importance, and Hawk Logistics has come to rely on Carrier Transicold as one of its preferred suppliers.

Having started using Carrier products about four years ago, a strong relationship between the two companies has developed, according to Len.

“The Carrier products and the service we receive from Carrier Transicold at each of our depots are very good,” he says. “We’re particularly impressed with the eSolutions service tracking that provides us with valuable information.”

Hawk Logistics aims to further utilise the system as the company continues to grow.

Carrier’s eSolutions platform provides vital information for transport managers, drivers, producers, and retailers on the products being transported and the vehicles transporting them.

The system provides a high level of telematics sophistication which even has the ‘smarts’ to enable operators to intelligently monitor connected refrigeration systems from anywhere in the world.

Accessible via desktop, smartphone or tablet, the eSolutions software offers operators 24/7 access to valuable data on their refrigeration systems, including remote temperature monitoring; two-way operational management and control; in-depth service and utilisation reports; geo-fencing; and operational alarms.

The platform has two service packages to choose from – Access and Premium. The Access package supplies fleet managers with the required features for their business, including temperature monitoring, geo-localisation, service and utilisation reports. The Premium package adds the provision to remotely control the unit and additional access to functions relating to service and regulation.

Each package is fully accessible through a standard web browser and includes the installation of the ‘black box’ with the refrigeration unit to collect, share and analyse all cold chain data.

According to Kelly Geddes, Director, Product and Aftermarket Solutions at Carrier Transicold Australia, refrigeration unit telematics can greatly assist transport operators, food processors and grocery retailers in maintaining end-to-end cold chain integrity.

“More and more fleets are taking advantage of telematics systems to control transport refrigeration equipment from a central location, including changing cargo temperature profiles and set points, and making adjustments as needed whilst the cargo is in transit,” Kelly says. “These systems also enable customers to apply telematics capabilities to provide records for tracking and traceability purposes.”

Kelly adds that fleet controllers can remotely and intelligently monitor and download temperature data reports from anywhere in the world via a desktop, smartphone or tablet, and share information with key cold chain stakeholders without having to collect data onsite at the point of delivery.

Being a company that strives to provide the utmost in customer service to its clientele, Hawk Logistics values this technology as it ensures the company can verify the operating temperatures of each of the trailers at all times.

“The system assists us in fault finding and diagnostics and has sensors on the back doors so we can ascertain how long the back doors are left open, for example,” Len says.

The company buys its trailers from a variety of manufacturers including MaxiTRANS, Schmitz Cargobull, FTE and Vawdrey.

“We now have two 28-pallet quad-axle trailers in the fleet, with more on order,” Len says – adding that the company is realising efficiency benefits by using longer single trailers rather than B-doubles in some of its operations.

“We’re finding in some applications where suitable it’s more efficient to send a full 28-pallet trailer rather than a three-quarters full B-double,” he confirms. “Not having to unhitch and then re-connect a B-double to unload saves the driver about 45 minutes.”

Len explains that the new trailers have Carrier Vector HE19 fridge plants fitted, which are renowned for their quiet operation, low emissions and fuel efficiency.

According to Len, the two owners of Hawk Logistics, friends Amrit Pal Singh and Harmanpreet (Harry) Singh, have always been ahead of the game when it comes to compliance and safety, and also try to do the same with the specification of their trailers.

The two men learned quickly regarding the best way to operate trucks and refrigerated combinations after emigrating from India in 2009.
“Their policy has always been to be consistently available and to deliver the best service possible – which is exactly what they expect to receive from Carrier Transicold.”

Fast Fact
Hawk Logistics is a fast-growing refrigerated transport company that appreciates the high-end service received from Carrier Transicold and the Carrier Vector HE19 fridge units fitted to its new trailers.