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Based in Horsham, Dickerson Haulage has been carting grain and gravel throughout Victoria for the past 17 years. Prior to purchasing this new trailer, the company’s operator, Denis Dickerson, required two different trailers to complete these tasks effectively. A 36ft aluminium grain tipper was used to cart grain products and fertilisers, while a steel tipper was needed to cart gravel. Denis purchased the
B-double pig to replace both of these trailers.

“The idea was to sell the two trailers and purchase one unit capable of doing the whole lot,” says Denis. “I was achieving payloads of up to 29 tonne with the grain tipper and 28 tonne with the steel tipper. I’m now running at 44 tonne right across the board regardless of the product I’m carrying which is a huge benefit.”

Although Denis has purchased several trailers from Progress Trailer Sales over the years, this is the first time he has bought a Hercules trailer – and so far he has been happy with the unit. “The trailer combination has done everything it has been required to do, it works well and it tows well. Hercules has been around for many years and the product they manufacture has always been a good product,” says Denis.

The B-Double has a light tare weight of just over 14.2 tonne. Further advantage is provided by its ability to tip from the lead trailer without having to disconnect the rear trailer. Denis states that this has reduced tipping time to about half of what it would take to tip a standard B-Double during the stockpiling process.

Both the A and B trailers in this combination are equipped with TMC’s well-proven LMVS (Low Maintenance Vertical Shocker) and this type of suspension is the preferred choice of Progress Trailer Sales when combined with equipment engineered and manufactured by Hercules. “TMC air suspension has vertical shock absorbers which provide operators with a range of advantages,” says Darren Jean of Progress Trailer Sales. “As long as it suits the engineers we actually request this type of ‘vertical shocker location’ to be fitted to the majority of our equipment regardless of the trailer configuration because based on the feedback from our customers we seemed to have less wear and tear of components. From our perspective, the vertical shock absorbers provide customers with better performance and improved tyre wear. That’s important to us because it’s all about keeping operators on the road and that’s our number one priority.”

LMVS suspension combines a low tare weight with improved ride characteristics to deliver optimum performance. 240mm ride height modules are fitted to the lead trailer and 470mm ride height modules are used on the rear trailer. These axles are TMC standard units with induction hardened bearing journals, 420mm x 180mm ‘S’ cam drum brakes, fully enclosed camshafts and 10 stud 285mm PCD hubs. The rear trailer has an auto-up/auto-down lift axle kit fitted to its front axle incorporating TMC’s centre lift mechanism and axle lift control box.

Denis says, “There are definite advantages in using upright shockers, and when combined with the lift axles it also helps reduce tyre wear.”

He continues, “Dealing with Darren when purchasing this trailer was great. He really knows his trailers and can always offer the right advice – and the TMC suspension has been running really well.”

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