Superior payload

Superior Pak, one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of waste collection and waste compaction equipment, has introduced a new generation of Waste Collection Sideloading vehicles in Australia and New Zealand.

“The new body has taken the leading attributes of the widely accepted Raptor Pendulum Packer and exploited all available potentials to provide a body with the largest payload capability, lowest body profile and longest bin lifter reach on the Australian market,” the company announced.

“The market called for a reduction in overall vehicle height, plus additional reach and bin lifter capability. The new bin lifter design has understood the market, minimizing overhead hazards and improving collection rates in tight suburban streets and cul-de-sacs.”

According to Superior Pak, the operator now has more opportunity to remain in the driver seat instead of having to alight from the vehicles to reposition a bin.

The New Generation Sideloader can provide a payload of 24m3 without going to a larger cab chassis wheelbase. “We’ve managed to maximise the body volume potential without changing the cab chassis,” the company said.

Meanwhile, details bout the new ‘Clean Skin Rear Loader’ remain tightly under wraps. ”The first of this model will be on display at the Brisbane Truck Show.”

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