Superior tipping performance

Tipper manufacturer, Hercules QLD, has been installing Delta Hydraulics hoists in its builds for the past 20 years. The company describes Delta components as superior quality products which go the distance in harsh tipper applications.

Delta Hydraulics is a leading innovator and manufacturer of multi-stage telescopic cylinders, industrial single rod hydraulic cylinders, constant velocity telescopic cylinders, long stroke mast cylinders, annular ported double acting telescopic feed cylinders and hydraulic manifolds.

Established in 1975, the company has a long history of product and manufacturing innovation and has supplied hydraulic cylinders and related products to over 2,000 customers in more than 30 countries.

Its components are used across a wide range of transport related industry sectors including waste management, mining, power generation, agriculture, aquaculture, defence, construction, earthmoving, energy, food and beverage processing, forestry, oil and gas exploration, smelting and refining, materials handling and ship building.

Delta’s sophisticated in-house design, engineering and end-to-end manufacturing capabilities enable the company to provide rapid and flexible design, engineering and manufacturing in order to deliver quality products to customers – from a one-off project through to high production volume orders.

Hercules QLD is one customer that has consistently used Delta Hydraulics components for the previous 20 years.

Since its establishment 26 years ago, the company has built a broad range of tippers from one-tonne drop-side units through to road train semi-tippers.

The company attributes its success to the reliability of its products and an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service, saying much of its business today comes from repeat orders.

Through innovative thinking and using the latest technology, Hercules QLD continues to design and develop a range of tipper trailers with the aim of exceeding customer expectations in terms of quality, reliability and value.

It does this by utilising the highest grades of materials and componentry available – including those produced by Delta Hydraulics to facilitate the critically important functions of raising and lowering the tipping bodies.

According to Peter Hammel, Managing Director at Hercules QLD, the company initially started using Delta hydraulic cylinders due to experiencing too many failures with the previous brand.

“We had used other Delta products prior to that so when the previous cylinders that we were using kept failing we decided to swing over to Delta hydraulic cylinders and we have been using their full range of cylinders ever since,” says Peter.

“I like the fact that the product is Australian made and that all stages are fully chromed where other competitors only have the top stage chromed.

“Delta will build to any hoist specification that we require, with a fast turnaround time; if we have a vehicle off the road, we generally have a hoist onsite within three days.”

Peter says another important aspect is that Delta Hydraulics owner John White is always available to answer any questions, give advice and assist with any cylinder recommendations.

Vouching for the quality of Delta’s products, Peter says the company has had very few issues, and that these have been of a very minimal nature, over the 20 years of installing the components.

He explains that Delta has been very reactive in helping mitigate these issues.

“Delta has always helped us to replace the hoist in the first instance, and then looked into what went wrong so as not to affect our customers’ productivity,” he says.

“We send it back to them and they are very quick to replace the hoist – every department of the company is extremely good to deal with.”
Relying on the durability of Delta hydraulic cylinders and consequently not having the issue of numerous major hoist failures has been key to the success and growth of Hercules QLD over the last two decades.

In recognition of the demand for its trailers within the transport industry, the company has extended its sales and service network to cover most states across Australia.

Fast Fact
Having had too many failures with the previous cylinders it was using, Hercules QLD switched to Delta Hydraulics as its primary cylinder supplier 20 years ago and has had very few issues since.