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Maxilift Australia details its latest vehicle loading crane installations including a rare sight in the Southern Hemisphere.

Maxilift Australia is an authority on large vehicle loading crane sales and installation.

Following a recent success with City Crane Trucks and their EFFER 955 (as seen in the June 2021 edition of Trailer) the team is currently installing another EFFER 955-8S+6S, an EFFER 525-8S, and in exciting news, the flagship model, the EFFER 2255-8S+6S. This crane will be the largest vehicle loading crane ever seen in Australia and one of only a handful of cranes this size in the southern hemisphere.

With several more projects already secured involving cranes over 50 tonne/metre coming up over the next six months the team at Maxilift Australia are certainly on a roll.

The EFFER 955-8S+6S and the 2255-8S+6S are currently being installed at Maxilift Australia’s specialised large crane workshop in Adelaide. Both cranes have been purchased by specialist, high reach crane truck company, Construction Rescue Services (CRS). The cranes are equipped with the longest reach possible on each model and all of the latest control and safety features offered with EFFER vehicle loading cranes.

The 955 is equipped with eight extensions and a six extension fly-jib with winch. The crane is also configured with a unique integrated base. This option incorporates the subframe into the base of the crane, allowing for an efficient installation but more importantly reducing the overall height of the vehicle. This was a critical factor for CRS who requested a compact unit for the narrow streets in which they complete many of their lifts.

Maxilift Australia state that the project for the sale and installation of the EFFER 2255 has been over five years in the making. Such a large crane has not been seen in Australia before so the engineering and regulatory approval process has been significant.

The 2255 is again equipped with eight extensions, an XL fly-jib with 6 extensions and winch. The crane uses six stabilisers extending from the factory built subframe. One of the more impressive features is the removable, KJ boom extension system. When the KJ boom is fitted to the end of the main crane boom an additional two hydraulic extensions are added for even more reach. This transforms the crane into a ten-extension crane and offers the operator unmatched vertical reach of over 34m. The fly-jib can then also be attached to the end of the KJ boom to increase lifting height at full extension to an unbelievable 58m.

Trailer spoke with Elliot Ban, Operations Manager from Construction Rescue Services to find out more about the new projects.

Q: Why did CRS choose to go with Maxilift Australia and Effer cranes?
A: “Maxilift have a proven track record with technical prowess in large crane installations. They certainly exceeded our professional expectations when it came to customer service as well. Every single employee showed a vested interest in providing a fantastic experience for Construction Rescue; they were always available to answer any query which strengthened our confidence in the crane’s ability to perform. As Construction Rescue’s specialty is high reach and difficult access projects, we chose Effer due to their reputable expertise in producing the largest knuckle booms in the world.”

Q: What are your plans for the crane?
A: “This acquisition is the first of two new Effer cranes that we are adding to our existing fleet of high reach crane trucks. As pioneers in high/long reach delivery, we knew it was time to expand our capacity and capability to better service our customers. To be able to achieve this while maintaining a small footprint at street level is a huge advantage and something our clients value. We look forward to continuing to grow as the market leaders in this sector of high reach knuckle boom crane trucks with the support of Effer-Maxilift.”

The team at Maxilift Australia show real pride and passion when discussing these cranes. The engineers and experienced installation team have been key in the success of these projects. The team follow a well-defined project management process that incorporates 2D and 3D modelling, finite element analysis, axle load and stability calculations. Regular project meetings, documented procedures and clear communication ensure everyone is on the same page. This allows the skilled fabricators and installers to do what they do best.

Maxilift Australia firmly believe that when the vehicle loading crane industry starts to see these very large crane trucks on construction sites throughout Australia that the inquiry level will be very high. Vehicle loading cranes of this size are common throughout Europe, Asia and the US. Australia is moving in a similar direction and taking note of the benefits of large vehicle loading cranes. Maxilift Australia, with their proven track record, are in the prime position to make the most of these opportunities.

The EFFER 2255 with eight extensions, XL fly-jib with six extensions and two extension KJ boom.