Take the lead with Krueger’s rental solutions

Demand for reliable and high-performance trailers is booming as evidenced by the ongoing success of Krueger’s Advantage Trailer Rental (ATR) which adds value by providing flexible options and rental solutions for its customers.

Trailer builder, Krueger Transport Equipment, is committed to increasing the profitability and productivity of Australia’s transport industry by providing dependable and innovative trailers nationwide. Through its semi-trailer rental division, Advantage Trailer Rental (ATR), the family owned and operated business can provide a variety of solutions to accommodate short- and long-term contracts.

ATR have a national dedicated team of experienced trailer rental staff who are committed to ensuring it meets and exceeds every customers’ rental expectations.

As one of the largest providers of rental trailers and transport equipment in Australia, ATR has everything a modern fleet operator needs to succeed. Freight businesses across the nation can choose from a broad selection of semi-trailers for short or long-term contracts.

ATR has branches across the country and is poised to bolster fleets with quality road transport options including skeletal trailers, flat tops and drop decks, curtain-sided trailers, dry freight and refrigerated vans. ATR through Krueger Transport Equipment can even build to specific requirements for long term rentals. Configurations cover everything from single and B-double combinations to A-doubles. Rental options typically include skels, flat tops, dry and refrigerated vans and curtainsiders in flat and drop deck configurations.

ATR has access to a diverse selection of assets that can be adapted to satisfy transport operator requirements.
For quality assurance and peace of mind, all ATR equipment is supplied in excellent condition. Maintaining a solid reputation in the commercial road transport industry demands the use of the best transport equipment that Australia has available to hire. With ATR, fleet operators can integrate trailers into existing fleets and even colour-match to ensure a consistent brand image. Rent to buy is also a popular consideration for growing businesses.

In line with its commitment to supplying the best trailers for hire in Australia, ATR takes advantage of its association with leading Australian trailer manufacturer, Krueger Transport Equipment, to deliver reliable, hard wearing and high productivity trailers.

In addition to boosting payload gains, ATR adds value to road transport fleets with its flexible custom options. This game changer allows businesses to specify precisely what they need in a trailer combination. All available ATR trailers for hire can be specified with the latest load restraint, safety and high-performance technologies from Krueger Transport Equipment including lighter-weight axle and suspension systems and other Performance-Based Standards (PBS) innovations.

Krueger Transport Equipment also complements ATR’s trailer support through its national service and spare parts network. ATR has access to emergency breakdown vehicles on standby as well as a dedicated team of professionals to ensure minimal downtime and maximum profitability for fleet owners.