Tefco on longterm partnership with Capral

For more than 30 years, Tefco Trailers has been supporting the local transport industry with its products and services through its strategic relationship with aluminium manufacturer and distributor, Capral.

Tefco Trailers has been manufacturing custom-built trailer combinations for the Australian market since 1988.

The family-owned business that Richard Brown started along with his wife, Sue Brown, has two branches along the East Coast – Goulburn, New South Wales, and the newer facility in Brisbane, where the head office is located.

Tefco Trailers prides itself on delivering superior quality trailers that are capable of not only handling the toughest jobs but also stand firm against the tough Australian road conditions. While many local trailer manufacturing companies bring in sub-frames from overseas or outsource the hydraulics, Tefco makes sure all its design, processing, fabrication and fit-out is done in-house using its own equipment and highly trained staff.

Tefco does the majority of its chassis extrusions as well as other extrusions for trailers with Capral Aluminium as most of Tefco’s products are manufactured out of aluminium.

“Capral is a major supplier for our extrusion sections and over the years we’ve got many extrusions cut with them,” Richard says. “We get a large number of CCD dies from Capral and continue to build new ones. Both companies work together in meeting supply demands and curation requirements. We work closely with them about what extrusions we can make and what alloys and finishes we require in those extrusions. We have done that over many years and we have got a large suite of exclusive-designed chassis and coaming extrusions.”

Capral has the largest extrusion press in Australia located at Campbellfield, Victoria.
“Some of our die shapes are very large and we need that large press to be able to extrude chassis rails and other sections that we need,” Richard says. “ Capral also saves us going offshore for extrusion.”

Supporting local industry with Australian made products is a matter of pride for Richard. He says local manufacturing has the ability to provide cutting-edge design and builds to suit all job applications.

“It is good to still have manufacturing in this country and it is good that Capral support the Australian truck and trailer manufacturers,” he says. “It is good that their product is Australian made and we can have solid association with that product and those materials that are used in our trailers. That way we can proudly say that both, the sections that are used, and the products that are complete are Australian made.”

According to Richard, Tefco has had a solid relationship with Capral for more than 33 years. He and his team have great professional relationships with Capral’s key senior managers. “The biggest advantage of having a local extrusion manufacturer is that we can talk closely to the key personnel in the plant if there is an issue or a problem, and we can also talk to supply line people. Our demands go up and down as the industry does and Capral does provide a very good service in being able to talk to and negotiate deliveries and design completely around our needs. We recommend them as a really good supplier.

“Capral’s customer service is excellent. They are always of great assistance in design and other things. We deal a lot with their National Manager, Mark Murray, and also Richard Axe at the Campbellfield extrusion plant. They both are very experienced and knowledgeable people, who have been in the industry for many years. I think that is one of the big advantages of Capral is that they do have a lot of people with a vast knowledge of their product and their capabilities.”

Fast Fact
Capral has extrusion manufacturing facilities in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia, supplying world class products at short lead times. Its distribution centres operate throughout metropolitan and regional areas, stocked with a range of extrusions, machine rod, plate, and sheet products.