The numbers man

An accountant by trade, Domenic Quattrocchi, Managing Director of Hallam-based transport company Dandenong Heavy Haulage (DHH), is a man who understands that purchasing quality transport equipment is a complex equation. But, there is one constant to rely on – Australian Trailer Manufacturing (ATM). It was not the smell of diesel, nor the fascination of technology, that made young Domenic venture into independence and found a transport company – it was pure logic.

“I’ve been working in the commercial road transport industry before, and I saw a need for a new type of business, one that would emphasize OH&S and focus on customer service first and last.”

Soon blue-chip customers like Coates Hire and Boral took advantage of the new concept, making DHH one of the country’s most renowned specialists in heavy machinery transport, employing 60 people and counting.

And, Domenic, being an accountant, discovered with delight that running a logistics business was just another mathematical challenge; a series of continuously morphing number-problems of freight, schedules, rosters, risks, fatigue, loyalty. An abundance of equations, just waiting for the right mind to solve them.

But, there is one variable that Domenic does not cancel, whatever the equation. “We’ve been using ATM gear for quite some time now, and they have never disappointed us,” he says. “The freight we cart can’t be transported with everyday equipment, we need something solid and reliable. And, ATM can provide just what we need to maintain our high quality standard.”

Based in purpose-built premises in Hallam, with easy access to all major arterial routes, DHH does not trust in any brand but ATM and Managing Director, Neil Cooper. “Neil is a man you can rely on, and it’s people like him that have made DHH what it is today,” says Domenic. “Having already dedicated over 25 years to the trailer building industry, and gaining a great deal of respect along the way, Neil is a true expert in his field.”

According to Domenic, ATM has already built five tilt trays on behalf of DHH, all painted in bright white and flamboyant red. “We place high value on using up-to-date material because we think both client and driver will benefit from it. Plus, every piece of equipment bearing the DHH logo represents our brand in the community, and we want that image to be flawless.”

As a result, DHH will turn around equipment every five years, in close co-operation with ATM and trailer expert Neil Cooper. “Neil is an approachable person and has helped us improve our performance or years,” says Domenic. “ATM manufactures trailers that are customised to suit our requirements, and Neil is happy to listen to our needs and make changes if we ask for something a bit out of the ordinary.”

Tilt trays currently account for approximately 50 per cent of the production that takes place at ATM, with widening drop decks and extendable drop decks also popular amongst the company’s expanding customer base – yet its capabilities stretch much further.

“We are custom builders so we can basically build anything requested of us by our customers when it comes to flat tops, wideners, extendables, tilt trays and rigid tilt trays. I’ve had some great feedback from my customers and we are already getting repeat business which says a lot about the quality of the product that comes out of the factory,” says Neil.

And while manufacturing is the core part of this business, ATM also offers a comprehensive repairs and maintenance service. “ATM can provide the full package,” says Domenic. “They’re a local business that is able to respond quickly whenever we need their help. We’ve been using other suppliers before, but none of them was as reliable as ATM.”

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