The perfect blend

The PreciMix additive injection system from Haar Australia makes for even easier and reliable fuel injection onsite. With this technology, uptime is improved considerably as road tanker fleets can now distribute a variety of additivated fuels on the go.

Ivan Lawrie, founder and Managing Director of Haar Australia, has been at the forefront of fuel metering and pumping technology, taking cues from developments in the European market and tailoring them for Australian applications.

He has worked with the nation’s top tanker builders and metering system integrators to deliver bulk fuel metering systems that are easy to use and has led the way in terms of achieving significant safety and efficiency outcomes.

The injection of additives to fuel is a particular focus for Haar Australia at present. The process of additive injection to make a particular fuel blend is not a new concept and has been going on for at least a decade in Australian aviation. The technology is quite mature considering its proliferation globally. Private jets, for instance, often require additives in the fuel to stop ice from forming in the tanks, known as FSII or Fuel System Ice Inhibitor.

From as far back as 1997, additive fuel injection at the road tanker has been done manually. Traditionally, fuel blends would be completed at the terminal before the tanker hits the road. These tankers have set compartments to split the premium fuel from the regular mix. The difference between then and now is that we have the technology to formulate specific fuel blends at the truck via Haar Australia’s PreciMix additive injection system.

With this system fitted, a sub-contractor or distributor can additivate fuel at the delivery point rather than travel back and forth from terminal to client site to deliver the goods.

The PreciMix is compact in size and easy to install. It includes a self-priming pump with additional functions such as additive tank volume management, and self checking features to ensure the additives are being injected during the delivery. The process of injecting additives to fuel has never been simpler. Up to four different additive pumps can be used with Haar Australia’s fuel metering systems.

PreciMix additive injection system.

Overall, the system is lightweight, simple, cost effective and easily retrofitted. The driver simply chooses the product name to include the additive (which is done automatically at the press of a button). The distribution of each product is also tracked via log book for easy reference. The pump also has its own checks and balances in place. If the additive tank volume is low it won’t proceed with distributing product. Similarly, if the pump has an issue it will stop delivery. The PreciMix is secure from end to end.

Fast Fact
Alfons Haar is a German fuel handling equipment business founded in 1949. Based in Hamburg, it is named after its founder – Alfons Haar. The business is a truly global operation, employing more than 400 staff across 17 offices dotted throughout Europe, Africa and of course, Haar Australia, which is headquartered in Sunshine West in Melbourne.

Fuel tanker fitted with Haar Australia gear.