The SAF-Holland advantage

Established in 1912, Cohuna-based company Mawsons can draw back on a long history in Australia’s quarry and concrete industry. But, even after a century in the business, there is always something new to learn. For instance, Mawsons just discovered how SAF-Holland equipment could help improve the company’s transport service.

Committed to classic family values, Mawsons’ management place high value on a positive company culture. “Our staff are recognised within our industry and community as being friendly, well-trained, skilful, resourceful and highly motivated,” says Managing Director, John Mawson. “The people who work for Mawsons enjoy great working conditions within a high trust culture.”

One person that has embraced that philosophy is subcontractor Anthony Cleary. To maintain a high level of quality and provide premium service, he has just taken delivery of a new aluminium tipping trailer built by Chris’s Body Builders (CBB) based in Sunshine.

“It’s a lightweight aluminium vehicle custom-built to provide maximum performance,” he says. “I’ve chosen CBB because of the proven build quality and the low maintenance effort involved. CBB’s reputation has been built by using the highest quality materials to provide a long lasting product that stands the test of time. They understand that their client’s needs are not all the same and work closely with us to design a quality product to suit our specific requirements.”

But, choosing the right manufacturer has only been one part of the challenge. “I’ve wanted to build the ideal trailer for my line of work, and I didn’t think the axle/ suspension system I’ve been using before could keep up to that standard. So I decided to trial SAF-Holland’s Intradrum series,” Anthony explains. “The SAF axle was a logical choice when you look at the warranty they offer, and I really like the bearing system. The hub-unit is a compact assembly of hub and bearing which is adjusted at the factory and then encapsulated. Therefore the whole hub-unit is basically maintenance-free.

“Overall, the Intradrum uses reliable SAF components, optimised over several axle generations and precisely coordinated, combined into a suspension system that has proven itself in the field,” he adds. “I’m particularly happy with the service, and I love the ride comfort the new system provides. In fact, I think it’s superior to the US brand we’ve been using before.”

And, since the Mawsons management is always seeking opportunities to improve the company’s performance and achieve improved outcomes for all stakeholders involved, it is only natural that Anthony spread the word. “I’ve recommended the SAF system to Mawsons fleet management and they decided to give it a go as well. I have already clocked up 27,000km since Christmas and the system is working perfectly.”

According to Anthony, there is one essential consideration when deciding on a new trailer – tare weight. Of course, there is a myriad of attributes that can make a mediocre product a successful one, such as increased speed of operation, low manufacturing cost, safety, and reliability. But CBB’s unique value proposition, says Anthony, is tare weight.

“I wanted a lightweight yet robust machine that rivals any other on the market in terms of quality, safety and best value,” he explains. “Increased payload and improved fuel return are a logical result.” On that account, SAF-Holland was a logical choice. “SAF-Holland can deliver the ideal suspension that is lightweight but offers enough strength to go the distance. You have to look for the best combination of tare weight and durability – after all, we’ll be clocking up 200,000km per year.”

So far, the change to CBB and SAF-Holland has proven to be the right choice, according to Anthony. “It is not too late, ever, to make some kind of change that will improve the way you work and thereby improve the service you provide to your clientele,” he says, proving that on-going adaptability is a crucial business skill in the Australia’s contested transport industry. “At the end of the day, that’s how Mawsons have reached the centenary.”

“At Mawsons, we aim to steadily grow our business; excelling in customer service and innovation while building strong partnerships with our valued customers, staff and suppliers,” John concludes. “Anthony is a great example of someone who has understood our mission.”

Operating under the name Fuzztrans, Anthony does not hide that he is proud to be part of such a historical achievement. “It’s great to be part of something big. We’re all just one piece of the puzzle, but together we can really make a difference. That’s why I think an innovative affiliate like SAF-Holland is a great addition to the Mawsons family.”

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