The smart way

When Rocklea-based tarpaulin specialist Eagle Canvas consulted an engineering office to develop an automatic tarp drive in 2005, the answer was unequivocal. “Even after half a year of research they said it was too complicated to translate our idea into volume production,” says Eagle Canvas’ fleet manager, Murray Scott. “But, then we discovered Razor.”

Eagle Canvas is an Australian owned family company specialised in the manufacture of a wide variety of canvas and synthetic fabric goods for Australia’s commercial road transport industry and can draw back on half a century of experience in the field.

“We have been thinking of developing an automatic tarp drive for quite some time,” Murray recalls. “But, most experts said it was too hard to realise. One day, however, we discovered Razor’s solution on a client’s trailer, and it was a real eye-opener to us.

“After a first demonstration we knew that Razor was able to supply the equipment we had been looking for in so long,” says Murray. “In fact, they had been testing the product in the field for a fair few years already, so we knew it was the best option we had as demand was rising constantly. We’ve been using the Razor brand for six years now and haven’t been disappointed once.”

In fact, using the Razor drive has given the family business an extra boost. “Now that we can also offer an automatic side-to-side roll over variety and an automatic tipper tarp, the business is flourishing all the more. We produce a vast array of tarps to secure the load on every kind of a trailer and co-operate with the most renowned brands in the Australian transport equipment industry – such as Tefco, Graham Lusty, Hercules and Lusty EMS,” says Murray.

“The automatic version has definitely completed our portfolio. For instance, we now fit automatic tarps on behalf of Graham Lusty, mostly the front-to-back and the side-to-side variety. In fact, we have personnel out there three days a week to provide the best possible customer service.“The last model we’ve equipped with the full Razor gear was a Graham Lusty trailer, too, and the client was very happy with the product.”

According to Murray, there is one more aspect that makes all the difference when using Razor – the brand’s complete customer service offering. “I think the key to success is what happens after a product is sold and installed. At Eagle Canvas, we try to provide the best possible backup service, and if there’s a problem, we come out and fix it. The people at Razor speak the same language, and we respect such commitment.

“Plus, every Razor product is easy to fit, so if some customers prefer fitting the system themselves, we can just send the part overnight,” he adds. “It’s a great, self-explanatory design. The plugs, for instance, all have different shapes so you can’t plug in the wrong one.”
Established in the early 1960s, Eagle Canvas has grown to become one of Brisbane's leading manufactures in its field. “Our high standards and quality products are now recommended and used Australia wide,” says Murray.

Initially located in a small workshop in Paddington, Eagle Canvas quickly grew, necessitating a move to larger premises in adjoining Milton. “Catering for our ever expanding business needs, a purpose built manufacturing and repair factory was erected at the corner of Dunn Road and MacBarry Place, Rocklea in the early 1990s. Those premises now allow easy access and ‘drive in-drive out' service as we understand in the transport business time is precious.”

Today, the family company employs 15 staff and is still committed to the values that have made it become a leading force in the industry. “We always want to deliver quality and guarantee you that, if anything goes wrong, we’ll fix it. That attitude has kept us in the business for 50 years, and it will never change. We always try to produce the best possible product,” Murray concludes.

“And, the Razor brand will certainly help us maintain that service edge. We have a great relationship with Razor, and I am sure we will continue using the product in the future,” he adds. “We’ve been with them for so long, going through ups and downs together, and we have become a great team. They look after us and keep improving the product, and we look after them.

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