Tieman: European quality lightweight alternative

Traditionally, steel constructed vehicles were the only way to go, but Tieman has been able to provide an aluminium alternative that is reliable and robust enough to work in Australia’s harsh conditions,” says CRT Group’s National Account Manager, Martin Horell.

CRT Group employs over 300 staff nationally and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Australia’s largest rail freight company, QR National.

Ordered to meet the requirements of CRT Group’s bulk distribution work across NSW and QLD, the aluminium tri-axle A-trailer tanker had to fulfil two key conditions.

“We were looking for a distinct payload advantage, which would result in efficiencies for our business and cost-savings for our customers,” Martin says.

“We’ve considered a number of options and on this occasion the solution offered by Tieman provided us with the best value for money.

“The lead-time for the delivery of the vehicles was also an important factor. Tieman’s capability to supply the road tankers within a narrow timeframe was an advantage.”

Italian company O.ME.P.S began manufacturing lightweight aluminium alloy dry bulk tankers in 1997 and in 2009, Tieman signed an exclusive distribution arrangement to represent the O.ME.P.S range in Australia and New Zealand.
Today, O.ME.P.S is Europe’s third largest manufacturer of dry bulk tankers, delivering the innovative aluminium series worldwide.

“If we give O.ME.P.S an order, we’re able to receive the vehicle within 12 weeks. That’s one competitive timeframe,” says Joint Managing Director Colin Tieman.

“Local manufacturers commonly build steel dry bulk tankers, which can take up to 18 weeks and are anywhere between 1.5 to 2 tonnes heavier; so the benefit in importing is found in the better payloads and quick turnaround.”
Renowned for its bulk haulage capabilities, CRT Group maintains a fleet of bulk tankers, skels, and tautliners, and has an engineering department, focused on delivering operational improvements.
Developed in-house, the CRT Pod Trailer TM is one example of CRT’s commitment to innovation. The CRT Pod Trailer TM is able to convey bulk, powdered or granular product directly to a silo using a domestic or import container. Trailer-mounted, the technology rapidly transfers the product using a vacuum pressure cycle.

“The CRT Pod Trailer TM technology has assisted CRT to move into new markets and demonstrates our commitment to innovation and developing solutions which deliver supply chain efficiencies,” says Martin Horell.
“Therefore, it was critical for the O.ME.P.S aluminium tanker by Tieman to meet industry best practice or better.”

The new tri-axle A-trailer provides a capacity of 42m3 in two compartments. The 5mm aluminium alloy shell has been designed in accordance to AS 1210 Class 3 standards, providing a working pressure up to 1.4 bar.

The vehicle features Jost Module 2 Speed landing legs, SAF Holland Tri-axle airbag suspension, and SAF 10 Stud 285PCD disc brake axles – including a Knorr Bremse EBS system. Tieman has also introduced the lightweight, side under run safety feature to the dry bulk industry for protection of cyclists and pedestrians.

With branches in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia, CRT Group provides specialised transport and logistics solutions to customers in the polymer, food, industrial and resources sectors.

“As a haulage company, we purchase transport equipment to fulfil a contract on behalf of our customers,” Martin says.

“The material has to be lightweight and efficient, otherwise it will only waste fuel and decrease the payload. Tieman has recognised the industry’s requirements and delivered a vehicle suitable for our competitive environment.
“After placing the order, Tieman always kept us informed about the progress of building and shipping, which we valued greatly.”

Meanwhile, Vince Niceforo, Tieman’s National Sales Manager for dry bulk tankers, is convinced that the CRT Group will not be the last fleet to integrate aluminium vehicles in the portfolio.

“I believe that there has been some hesitation in the market around moving to aluminium because of uncertainty around structural integrity. Aluminium dry bulk tankers have been manufactured in Europe since the 1940`s. And with O.ME.P.S investing in the latest manufacturing technologies, they are capable of providing reliable customized products that match with Tieman`s built to last corporate promise,” says Vince.

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