Tipping Versatility

The innovative O.ME.P.S combination was delivered to Kalari at the end of March after being displayed at the 2010 International Truck, Trailer & Equipment Show. It was put straight to work, predominantly transporting powdered plastic polymer from Melbourne to Sydney and Melbourne to Brisbane for Australian Vinyls. The unit is also used to transport a variety of other dry bulk products on the return trip, including fly ash. This varying application required the use of a tipping tanker as this means that the unit can be thoroughly cleaned between each load with ease and efficiency, eliminating the chance of contamination between the various products.

While Kalari has purchased bulk liquid tankers from Tieman in the past, which are currently operating in its South Australian fleet, this is the first dry bulk tanker Kalari has purchased from the manufacturer.

Although the combination has only been on the road for a short time, Kalari’s General Manager of Fleet, Darren Whyte explains that so far the O.ME.P.S combination has been living up to its expectations. “We are very happy with the O.ME.P.S tanker at this stage, the build quality is just excellent. While there are others that produce this sort of tanker in aluminium with steel subframes, the tare weight of the O.ME.P.S tanker was very appealing to us as the rear tanker sub frame is completely made from aluminium giving us best in industry payloads. Some great innovation has gone into the design of the O.ME.P.S combination and we are yet to see this sort of innovation reflected throughout the dry bulk industry.”

Kalari has a range of safety specifications that are standard across its entire fleet. Both Tieman and O.ME.P.S accommodated these needs by customising the 25 metre combination. The existing cone on each trailer in the combination needed to be modified from aluminium to polished stainless steel to suit Kalari’s needs. Additional boost lines have been added, as well as additional skullys which have been fitted to the discharge points with whipchecks also attached. Automatically locking cam locks are another feature that Kalari specifies on all of its tankers to increase safety.

Kalari asserts that the side underrun protection fitted to this unit is another phenomenal safety benefit. “This innovative safety feature is something that we’ve never had on a tipping tanker,” says Darren. “It provides a point of difference between this unit and some of the other units available. It’s such an important safety benefit to us.”

Weighing only 6.5 tonne, the lead trailer has a 29 cubic metre capacity, while the 6.7 tonne rear trailer is capable of carrying up to 55 cubic metres. It is fitted with airbag suspension with bolt on steel hangers and standard track 10 stud PCD drum brake axles.
Complete with collapsible handrails as standard, 3” polished stainless steel airlines, polished stainless steel rear discharge cones, and a high quality paint finish, this unit has been designed to the highest standard.

Tieman’s National Dry Bulk Tanker Sales Manager, Vince Niceforo comments, “Aesthetically, you can really see the extra level of detail that has gone into this unit. The paint finish just looks brilliant and in my 20 years in the dry bulk tanker industry, these aluminium dry bulk tankers are the best finish and design I have ever seen.”

Darren concludes, “The tanker is doing its job well and is easy to operate. The driver is very happy with it at this stage. Given the quality of the unit and the impeccable finish, we expect the O.ME.P.S unit to provide us with the same reliable service we have received from all of our Tieman tankers.”

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