Toll shares rollover risk management guide

Transport and logistics company, Toll Group, has released a guide on how to manage rollover risk associated with freight transported on the road within shipping containers.

The document Managing container-laden heavy vehicle rollover risk – A guide for Toll’s customers and clients explains the specific hazards and risks associated with containerised loads, how parties in the supply chain can control, eliminate or minimise the risk of rollovers, which parties are likely to hold legal obligations under Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws and where further information and resources can be found.

The guide focuses mostly on road transport and recommends the reader to seek further advice if their transport task is multimodal.

Toll’s resource also serves as an explainer for CoR, who the consignor is and their obligation as well as an outline of the differences in containerised freight.

The PDF can be viewed here.

Earlier this month, Toll alerted its customers of a website scam.

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