Toll talks fifth wheel training with JOST and Coles

Transport and logistics company, Toll, has had a longstanding partnership with JOST spanning 20-plus years according to Toll Group National Compliance Manager – Coles, Aaron Louws.

“The partnership has been built on the understanding that to achieve success in the transport industry as a supplier, it’s more than just selling parts,” said Louws.

“Coles works with Toll to promote our training events and facilitates the sessions at their Distribution Centres around the country. This ensures maximum participation with little disruption to their team’s day to day operations.”

Louws explained that Toll typically undertakes targeted, informative fifth wheel training with JOST annually.

As dropped trailers are a key critical risk in the industry, Toll is working with partners such as JOST to improve operational safety for clients like Coles.

“The Toll transport team completes around 4,000 coupling/uncoupling activities per day during peak periods for Coles” said Louws.

“Analysis of historical incidents showed that while drivers had been trained in the operation of equipment, they had not been educated about the mechanical systems that make them work.

“Understanding the inner workings of these systems reinforces why various steps in our detailed coupling and uncoupling procedure need to be completed to minimise any risk.

“This review helped us recognise we need to engage our teams at a deeper level and this program does just that.”

The most important aspects of this training, according to Louws, is being able to facilitate the program face-to-face.

“We also incorporate the use of models to better explain and articulate the various lessons in the program,” he said. “We acknowledge there is much hype around online learning and its accessibility, but we maintain this course can only be taught in-person. There’s no substitute for a hands-on approach.”

The value of this training, Louws explained, is evident when you speak with the drivers who participated.

“The feedback we received from one of our transport drivers (Jim Lawson) was that ‘nothing like this was available when he first started driving’, and that having the opportunity to ask questions and have them ‘answered by the manufacturer in layman’s terms’ was invaluable.”

Louws emphasises the importance of investing in your drivers.

“Put them in the best position to succeed, and if they don’t, ask what you can do better,” he said. “Safety is everyone’s responsibility.”

Last year, JOST was recognised at the HVIA National Awards and AFIA for its safety innovation, the JSK42-ASW fifth wheel with air release and sensor.