Tracking well with SAF-Holland axles

SAF-Holland disc brakes are delivering optimal control and manoeuvrability and tare weight advantage for Risha’s newest Performance-Based Standards unit.

The team at Hercules have recently delivered a brand new three-axle dog trailer combination fitted with SAF-Holland disc brakes to Melbourne-based firm, Risha. It’s the first time George Milonakos, who is the owner and founder of Risha, has used an SAF-Holland product in his fleet.

Operating three tippers and trailers, George has been hauling quarry products throughout metropolitan Melbourne for over 18 years. His latest three-axle dog is a high-productivity equipment built to deliver the advantages of Performance-Based Standards (PBS) specification. The new combination has joined other vehicles in his fleet to carry out quarry work for Hanson Australia.

With a floor thickness of 10mm for greater impact resistance, the new combination has been purpose-built for carting quarry products. For such a tough application George needed a robust trailer combination that also offered low tare weight advantage for improved productivity. He got just that in his new trailer with the SAF-Holland equipment.

“Hercules recommended the SAF disc brakes for the trailer because my new Scania truck is disc brake as well,” George says. “We haven’t had it for a long time but we’re finding it tows really nice behind the trucks, doesn’t bouncing around and stays in line with the trucks. We’re totally impressed with it so far. The unit is lighter than other trailer combinations so we have an added benefit of low tare weight, which means we can pull more weight in each trip.”

SAF-Holland’s suspension systems are built on leading-edge technology that improves performance and service life in all types of applications. Backed by the same superior technology standards, SAF-Holland offers axles for semi-trailers and trailers with the patented SAF Integral two-piece rotor.

“It’s George’s first trailer with SAF-Holland axles,” Hercules Engineering General Manager, Mark Hammel, says.

“It’s a great combination. It offers light weight suspension from SAF axles that improve tare weight. This is obviously an important feature in the tipper industry, to have low weight of the product so you can cart more products.

“George has mentioned to me that he’s happy with how the new unit tows behind his trucks. It tracks really well behind his truck on straight highway stretches and around corners because of the suspension.”

The SAF-Holland disc brake axles feature industry-leading standards including a low maintenance, factory-adjusted and encapsulated compact hub and bearings unit, long life grease and multi-lip seals, long-term corrosion protection, pre-mounted exciter ring and sensor holder, patented Integral rotor system, optimised for the perfect blend of structural strength with lowest possible tare weight.

“I also had some minor custom specifications on the trailer such as no ladders on the back, and the rear and side gates erect clear so the aluminium doesn’t fade away,” George says. “We are very pleased with how the unit has turned out.”

A robust trailer combination with low tare weight advantage for improved productivity.