Transport Women Australia scholarship winner announced

Ending the year on a high note, Transport Women Australia Limited (TWAL) has awarded a scholarship to Alexandra Del Piero who works for Metro Trains Sydney.

The scholarship was presented to Del Piero at the TWAL end of year breakfast gathering at Parramatta in western Sydney on Tuesday 15 December.

Similar events were held in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth throughout the week.

Upon receiving the scholarship Del Piero said she was honoured and over the moon to receive the award. She said the support and encouragement she has received from members of the TWAL and others in the industry has been invaluable to her.

“It hasn’t been an easy run – my background is in Asset Engineering and it is a hard road for women,” said Del Piero.

“Unfortunately, sometimes in these fields women don’t get the support, don’t get the praise and motivation from others saying, ‘don’t listen to what they say – you can do it’.”

Del Piero said having support from TWAL Chair, Jacquelene Brotherton, and Vice Chair, Di Caldwell-Smith, who have encouraged and motivated her has played a big role in helping her excel in her chosen field.

In her current role with Metro Rail, Del Piero is responsible for the maintenance contract for the autonomous (driverless) trains used on the north-west Sydney rail line.

She said she would use the money to help add further engineering skills to her repertoire.

“I will use the cheque for my Engineering Certificate to further my skillset and qualifications in Technical Drawing using CAD systems for creating and designing,” she said.

Brotherton said Del Piero had displayed impeccable tenacity and efficiency in her application for the scholarship.

“The day the scholarship applications closed I received an email from Alexandra asking ‘Am I too late? Can I still apply?’, so I emailed the paperwork and within an hour she had replied with the fully completed application,” said Brotherton.

“The quality of her application got her through, of course, but also the fact that she was just so efficient with returning the completed application – I guess that comes from her engineering background – and showed such passion for what she does made her a most worthy recipient of the TWAL scholarship in 2020.”