Tru-Shu R&D

All Size Equipment Transport Services (ASET) Business Manager, Stuart Wearne, unveils the company’s current plans for improving its braking technology service offering.

“ASET Engineering develops innovative trailers as well as maintenance solutions which are all patented and manufactured here in Australia,” he says. “The R&D is driven by our Freight business ASET Services (All-Size Equipment Transport Services). We find solutions to eliminate problems for ourselves and take up opportunities.  We have been patenting and manufacturing for at least fifteen years.”

Stuart says ASET Engineering is working on a new project and has been 3D printing prototype components.

“We are building a full solution to improve braking and significantly simplify brake maintenance,” he says. “It will be available when completed for axle manufacturers. It is called the Tru-Shu Ezi-Fit.”

The team working on the development of Tru-Shu Ezi-Fit is driven by Ken Pitt the owner/inventor and Gordon Crighton the CAD designer.
The latest project, according to Stuart, incorporates the benefits of Tru-Shu such as even brake wear and preventing brake shoes from riding out the side of the drum. 

The design has additional significant benefits: “It cuts brake maintenance time by over half and eliminates disturbing sealed bearings by making it unnecessary to remove hubs every time minor maintenance is performed,” he says.

Stuart sees this project has potential to reduce our dependence on imported axles and also creates an opportunity to export superior Australian-made axles.

“This project will take time to find partners as well as gain support from Austrade or similar government departments,” he says.
These developments follow the success of ASET Engineering’s current portfolio of braking technology products.

“The current Tru-Shu is an economically priced bolt-on product that will provide significant benefit to anyone from a single operator to a 1,000-plus fleet business, Stuart says. “The Tru-Shu Ezi-Fit increases the benefits but is a complete solution that is built-in.”

The current bolt-on Tru-Shu range is widely accessible to fleets Australia-wide and, according to Stuart, provides immediate results.
“Tru-Shu – made from AS/NZS 5131 steel, combined with German hardware – is a brake shoe support mechanism that physically eliminates any opportunity for outward movement,” he says. “Even in the harshest outback conditions and in extreme use, it can double the life of brake shoes. Trucks and trailers, with brake shoes kept in alignment, continue to operate on the roads.”

Stuart says brake shoes generate heat in use and can cause the drum to expand and become slightly cone shaped. “Over time, brake shoes can be wound outwards due to pressure which results in uneven wear, defects and the need for brake shoe maintenance or replacement. Fitment of the Tru-Shu product mitigates these issues.”

Fast Fact
The owner of ASET Engineering, Ken Pitt, was frustrated by the premature replacement and misalignment of brake shoes – a common cause for fleets downtime – so he worked on his Tru-Shu solution which tackles the issue head-on. As the replacement of an axle set along with brake parts can cost thousands, Tru-Shu is helping to keep trucks on the move, saving operators time and money.

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