Unloads like a walk in the park

Specialist trailer builder, Byrne, has manufactured a pair of 45’ bulk commodity trailers featuring the KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® system which is capable of unloading an entire 94 cubic metres of bulk material in 3.5 minutes flat.

Designed to handle a variety of bulk products, KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® systems offer a number of benefits over conventional tipper trailers, resulting in what the company claims is a safer, more efficient and more versatile trailer.

Byrne Trailers has produced a pair of 45’ bulk commodity trailers with a load volume capacity of 94 cubic metres.

The trailers are kitted out with the KEITH® KRFII Drive Unit which is specifically designed for high-speed unloading.

KEITH said these trailers are capable of discharging a full load of agricultural products in 3.5 minutes.

The horizontal unloading action of a moving floor system eliminates many of the hazards of using tipping trailers to unload products in the field.

Several factors can cause tippers to become unstable when raised for tipping: A road surface that is not level; material that shifts or sticks in the front corners or generally does not unload evenly; and wind gusts. All of these factors can contribute to trailers toppling over sideways.

According to KEITH, trailers with WALKING FLOOR® systems can be safely unloaded on uneven ground and in windy conditions.

A further significant benefit is controlled material discharge which is not as easily achieved with tipper trailers.

In addition, these trailers can unload adjacent to other equipment, which is not recommended for tipping trailers due to the increased risk of the trailer overturning.

A particularly important safety benefit of unloading trailers with a WALKING FLOOR® system is that there is no risk of hitting overhead power cables or trees during unloading. Trailers can also unload in tunnels, under bridges and inside buildings.

A trailer outfitted with a WALKING FLOOR® unloader provides operators with flexible unloading options. Unloading can be stopped or slowed as needed, allowing for the delivery of partial loads or loads at multiple locations.

The systems also handle a variety of bulk materials, from abrasive products such as aggregate to lighter materials like wood chips. This provides operators with significantly more backhauling opportunities.

Byrne Trailers was founded by Laurence Michael (Mick) and Teri Byrne in 1974. Today, Mick continues in an advisory role while Teri is also still actively involved in the business. Extensive manufacturing facilities were set up in Wagga Wagga in 1988, with expansion into Queensland occurring in 1993 with the establishment of a manufacturing and service depot in Toowoomba.

Mick has engineering qualifications and extensive experience in the design and manufacture of heavy transport equipment. He is credited with designing and commercialising a number of revolutionary monocoque trailer designs including the 4×2 convertible livestock trailer and the two-deck cattle trailer, and was reportedly first in the industry to introduce air-bag suspensions to livestock trailers.

He has also served on various agricultural advisory boards both to Government and Industry organisations.

The addition of KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® equipped trailers to the Byrne range adds significantly to the versatility of product offerings to its customers.

Fast Fact
Byrne Trailers has produced a pair of 45’/ 94-cubic-metre bulk commodity trailers featuring the tried and proven KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® system.