Vawdrey: Australia’s next superbike

The vibrant curtain design showing motorcycles on a race circuit is likely to catch the attention of motorists throughout Australia. Designed by Vawdrey, the new Titeliner will join an impressive fleet comprising 700 pieces of equipment.

Featuring a conspicuous red chassis, Vawdrey’s traditional curtain sided trailer was custom built to represent the Australian Superbike Championship, Australia’s premier motorcycling series, uniting the continent’s most talented riders and leading world class companies.

“The curtain has been designed and produced in-house,” says Vawdrey’s National Sales Director, Paul Vawdrey. “It’s a one-stop-shop service. In close cooperation with the parent company, subsidiary Vawdrey Spray & Write has not only designed the entire artwork, but also performed the dot matrix digital print. Both combinations feature 100 percent Vawdrey expertise.”

Based on decades of experience, the Titeliner is a product of ongoing evolution. “The only aspects that have not changed in the past are benchmark quality, reliability and finish standards,“ Paul says. “To reinforce the bold, new, motorsport-inspired design, the ASBK curtains feature a three dimensional design to provide a distinctive depth effect.”

“The Viking Group has been involved in the Australian Superbike series since 2009 as a major sponsor and committed to assume the role in 2011 and many years after that,” says Jimmy Iliopoulos, Viking Group’s National Operations Manager. “My father Steve has passed an infinite passion for racing and motorcycles to his children, so there is an emotional attachment that goes with being the major sponsor of the Australian Superbike Championship.

“A key component of sponsoring the Australian Superbike Championship is how we are able to leverage the opportunity. Covering over 10,000km’s a week, the Superbike trailer will attract a vast demographic and hopefully get some fans along to the races,” says Jimmy.

Established in 1979, the Viking Group was founded by current CEO Steve Iliopoulos in Altona, Melbourne as a specialised heavy vehicle tyre supply and fitting service employing ten people. The business grew initially with the provision of heavy vehicle maintenance services, in addition to tyre supply and fitting services. From the mid 1980s, growth accelerated with the introduction of Viking Group’s own transport fleet. The group has continued to grow both via expanding existing operations as well as acquisition.

Today, Viking employs over 350 people across Australia. It is currently comprised of five divisions, providing a range of services within the Australian transport sector. Viking Fleet Service (VFS) specialises in providing heavy vehicle maintenance and emergency support services to small, medium and large transport operators, whilst Perth Freightlines (PFL) – part of the Viking Group since mid 2008 – specialises in providing Australia wide freight services with a focus on the eastern seaboard and Western Australia. Viking Express is a line haul transport arm of the Viking Group, providing fast and reliable freight services to all Australian capital cities, and Viking Transport & Logistics (VTL) is a specialised container cartage, warehousing and distribution unit of the group. Part of the Viking Group since mid 2009, Viking Refrigerated – also known as Blue-Eye Fishing – provides a specialised transportation service to all major Australian seafood markets.

The group, which has just moved into a new facility in Altona, maintains a fleet of over 700 pieces of equipment, including tautliners (straight deck, drop deck, double drop deck), roll back pans, open tops (straight decks, drop decks with ramps, and expendables), 20’ and 40’ skels, side loaders & dollies, and low-loaders. “We cover every range of trailing equipment to cart a wide range of freight including motor vehicles, print media, refrigerated goods, heavy machinery, general retail products, mining equipment, and logs,” says Jimmy Iliopoulos. “We keep a range of pulling power from Kenworth to Western Star to move our singles, B-doubles, B-triples and road trains; and we keep our 2-up teams and single drivers in comfort at all times.”

Being on a constant course of expansion, the Viking Group relies on tried and true business relationships to ensure the delivery of premium quality. “We understand every successful business needs strong partners as it continues to expand. The Viking Group has had a long standing successful relationship with Paul Vawdrey and we attribute this to Vawdrey’s knowledge in being able to adapt and tailor make reliable trailing equipment that meets the group’s unique demands,” says Jimmy.

“A specific freight service that we provide is a 2-up team that does the Melbourne to Perth leg in 36 hours; and our equipment must be of the highest quality to maintain constant premium service all year. With Vawdrey’s trailing equipment that confidence has been instilled.”

Proud to showcase the ASBK logo, the Viking Group operates a full time cleaning department to ensure the fleet is constantly sparkling. “We take an extreme amount of pride in the presentation of our fleet and all vehicles carrying the unmistakeable Viking logo,” Steve explains. The red and black Viking character was created in 1979 and still attracts attention on the road. “Every day motorists ask for hats and T-shirts that show the Viking logo. In the future, we may stock up on ASBK memorabilia as well.”

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