Vawdrey rolls out curtain-raiser for Lilydale Instant Lawn

Vawdrey Australia has produced another bespoke curtain-sided trailer custom-built for Lilydale Instant Lawn’s turf delivery operation.

Unlike traditional curtains that slide open on horizontally mounted tracks, the Lilydale Instant Lawn (LIL) unit has fully automated curtains that roll up from the bottom to the top at the press of a button, rendering either side of the trailer completely open to unload the entire row of pallets, if required.

LIL General Manager, Steve Cole, said he believed the company was the first in Australia to use a semi-trailer fitted with this system, which is manufactured in Canada.

“It’s called a Poyntz Covered Wagon and is imported in a kit form which includes everything above the deck of the trailer apart from the curtains, which are manufactured by Attards in Dandenong South,” said Cole.

“We buy the kit through an Australian distributor called Sammut Agricultural Machinery based at Freemans Reach in northwest Sydney and Vawdrey supplies the flat-top trailer and fits the Poyntz Covered Wagon components and Attards curtains to it.”

Cole explained that the first unit was fitted to a second-hand flat-bed trailer that formerly had tarps covering the load and that the significant time savings and added safety of the Poyntz system was immediately apparent.

“We fitted up this unit in 2008 and then in 2009 we commissioned Vawdrey to build three tandem-axle semis for us,” said Cole.

“The recent Vawdrey builds for LIL are tri-axle semi-trailers with a lift axle at the front, which is the culmination of a refinement process over the last 12 years.”

An important benefit of the Poyntz curtain system, according to Cole, is that it keeps the operator out of harm’s way when unloading on suburban streets – which is a procedure that happens up to eight times each day for the operators of these vehicles.

“While the earlier units had a button that the driver had to hold to open the curtain, we’ve gone to full automation on the later units to keep the drivers off the road because many car drivers have no respect for the safety of the driver in this situation,” said Cole.

“Each trailer has a remote control so the driver can operate the curtain from the safety of the truck cab or a location safely off the road.”

To comply with load restraint laws, Cole said every pallet on the trailer is strapped and to facilitate this there are unique coaming rails with integrated hook eyes located at regular intervals along the trailer.

Vawdrey Australia has held a longstanding professional partnership with LIL. Through close collaboration, Vawdrey delivers state-of-the-art trailer designs that are fit for purpose.