VT Freight Express champions data standard

Express freight specialist, VT Freight Express, has implemented GS1 Scan4Transport standards on transport labels.

The Scan4Transport global standards allow key transport data to be encoded into a 2D barcode, on the transport label.

This standard supports companies across the transport process including first mile, sortation and last mile activities to keep pace with the growing needs of their customers.

The Scan4Transport standards were created by a global working group with participants from major Australian transport companies.

VT Freight Express is part of the global working group with representatives from logistic service providers, shippers, solution providers and industry from 21 countries that developed the new GS1 standards and implementation guideline.

As part of VT Freight Express’s adoption of the Scan4Transport standards 230 shippers
recently went live with the new Scan4Transport transport labels.

“The Scan4Transport standards have enabled interoperability across many of our networks and added benefit to our smaller partners who service remote regional areas,” said VT Freight Express CEO, Anthony Tanner.

Established in 2010, VT Freight Expressprovodes express freight services throughout Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory and southern New South Wales.

By using these data standards, according to GS1 Australia, industry can achieve smoother processes, improved efficiency, interoperability and ultimately greater customer satisfaction.

“From the 2D barcode on the logistics label, essential information relating to the transport
task can be gained,” GS1 Australia said in a statement.

“This is particularly useful if the freight is handled and scanned before the electronic instructions have been received. Or even if the remote IT systems are unavailable for look-up. Thus, improving first and last mile processes.

“All these benefits mean greater efficiency and interoperability across industry, all through a
standard label across the entire supply chain.”