WA Govt secures $455M funding for regional road safety

The McGowan Government has secured a record amount of funding for regional road safety, with $455 million now allocated to the Regional Road Safety Program.

An additional $71 million was allocated through the Mid-year Review today building on top of a Commonwealth contribution of $284 million announced in the Federal Budget.

Part of the Regional Road Safety Program, an initial $100 million partnership was established earlier this year to upgrade 1,400 kilometres of regional roads across Western Australia.

Building on the success of this first tranche of treatments, an additional $355 million has been allocated to further roll out these life-saving treatments with up to 7,000 kilometres of regional roads to be treated in total, while also supporting local jobs and providing a welcome boost to local economies.

The lifesaving treatments, expected to be rolled out by mid-2022, include sealing existing unsealed road shoulders and installing audible lines to warn drivers who veer out of their lane.

These treatments have been shown to reduce the number of single vehicle ‘run off road’ crashes and modelling indicates the potential to reduce road trauma by up to 60 per cent.

“We now have $455 million allocated to upgrading regional roads all across our State over the next two years,” said Transport Minister, Rita Saffioti.

“These works will reduce crashes, while also providing a much needed boost to local economies and supporting local jobs.

“Up to 7,000 kilometres of regional roads will now be given these much needed treatments with works to be completed by mid-2022,” she said.

Road Safety Minister, Michelle Roberts, said the Government of Western Australia was instrumental in getting this program on the national agenda.

“I thank the Commonwealth Government for their contribution,” said Roberts.

“Experience has shown the installation of audible edge lines and sealed shoulders can reduce road trauma by up to 60 per cent.

“For many years now the principal funding for these safety treatments has come from the Road Trauma Trust Account.

“I welcome the Commonwealth’s involvement in this and the substantial boost to funding that has been provided.

“It will substantially reduce the risk on our regional roads and also provide local jobs.

“Another thing that experience has shown is that these holiday times are the most dangerous times on our roads and so I ask everyone to take extra care at this time.”