XLent sealing

Like its predecessor, the SKF Scotseal Classic, SKF’s Scotseal Plus XL seal offers even better level of protection, longer life in contaminated conditions, high temperature resistance and easy application for all heavy vehicles.

Industry estimates suggest that up to 90 per cent of premature wheel bearing failures are due poor bearing adjustment and improper seal installation and subsequent leakage of lubricant. Quality sealing solutions can eliminate the risk of such leakages and continue to remain the main performance differentiator for hub bearing unit applications in all types of vehicles, including heavy duty and off-road vehicles.

SKF Scotseal, a trusted industry name for over 30 years, offers sealing solutions that are proven to be dependable and long-lasting. Designed to retain oil and grease, SKF Scotseals are available in a variety of styles and sizes for applications in steer, drive or trailer axles.

SKF Scotseal range
The original self-contained oil type seal, SKF Scotseal Classic has proven its quality and long-life service in the trucking industry in the past three decades. SKF Scotseal Longlife, based on the Classic version, is designed to go to even longer intervals between services. SKF Scotseal Plus provides the same unitised advantages plus offers easy, hand installation. Designed with extended life capabilities, SKF Scotseal Plus XL offers maximum sealing life under virtually all driving conditions. The latest offering, SKF Scotseal X-Treme, provides improved reliability and extended service life under the harshest operating conditions for the vehicle service market, as well as OE truck and trailer manufacturers.

Built upon the success of SKF Scotseal Classic, SKF Scotseal Longlife seals in and out with four sealing lips including: spring-loaded primary sealing lip that is factory pre-lubed, radial dirt lip, axial dirt lip, and outer bumper lip that acts as preliminary dirt excluder. The SKF Longlife with its newly formulated material has superior tolerance and resistance to high temperatures. The special formulated polymer is compatible with all known synthetic lubricants, this combined with advanced seal design makes it suitable for extreme conditions and extends seal life.

SKF Scotseal Plus XL offers maximum sealing under frequent braking applications, extreme harsh and heat generating environments, and protects against dust and water ingress. As a result, it is preferred by many OE truck and trailer manufacturers and the standard seal in pre-assembled hubs, due to its proven history of high performance.

The advanced HNBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) material provides extended service life of the wheel end components. It also provides heat resistance up to 149 degrees Celsius as well as broad compatibility with synthetic lubrication fluids. The unitised design provides fresh running surface for sealing lips and keeps out road contaminants for better protection. The ‘fat footprint’ with adhesive type properties locks onto the spindle making a perfect seal even on a worn spindle.
Like Longlife, the Plus XL seals in and out with four sealing lips including the spring-loaded primary sealing lip with patented Waveseal design that sweeps oil back to the bearings. SKF Scotseal Plus XL is easily installed without special tools, helping to eliminate costly do-overs and extending wheel end life.

SKF Scotseal Plus XL seals are designed by highly trained wheel end SKF engineers. Competitors trying to duplicate SKF seal geometry cannot replicate the capabilities of the original SKF Scotseal designs. . Elastomeric formulation along with the high tolerances and finishes and manufacturing quality controls put together with the design features produce a seal that cannot be duplicated. Contact SKF for genuine, premium quality SKF Scotseals.